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Our Translation Process

The following is a basic overview of our translation process. We recognise that each project is unique, and the process for yours may differ slightly from what we've outlined below. We're always happy to answer your questions and discuss the specific details of your project. 

1. You send us what you need translated

Send us a copy of your document as an email attachment so we may give you an estimate for our services. If your document is very large, a sample is enough. 

2. You tell us your timeline

If this is a rush job, we need to know. Please keep in mind that quality translations take time. It may have taken your team several months to prepare a document. Preserve its impact with an accurate translation. When we create our schedules and set deadlines, we include time for editing, proofing and verification. 

3. You tell us your audience

The more you tell us about your target audience, the better. Do you need the translated documents in Canadian French, or perhaps Latin American Spanish, or Simplified Chinese Mandarin? Those specifications are crucial to an effective translation. If you need a document to address a different reading level (for example, a university-level document edited for a primary-school audience, let us know before we translate, edit and proof materials given to us. 

4. You tell us your terminology

If your document contains company or industry-specific terminology, please provide a complete glossary for our translation team. That information will help us preserve your style and message in the final translated document.

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