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Here are some Testimonials from past students who have taken French language tuition from French Faster for various purposes.
International French exam preparation: DELF, DALF, TCF, TCFQ, TCF Canada, TCF-DAP, TCF-ANF, TEF, TEFAQ, 
School exam preparation: VCE French exam, HSC, IGCSE, GCSE, GCE O Level, GCE A Level, IB Ab Initio, IB SL, etc. 
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University entrance, Work: INSEAD Placement Test, ACTFL, French for Business

Student Reviews of our 
French in Lieu of Mother Tongue course

Arshi taught French to our son during several years. 

She has consistently displayed calm and patience to explain the subtle nuances of the language 

and clarify its grammatical rules, often quite hard to define. 

She has also shown lots of psychology to keep him motivated, 

even when he was reluctant to learn or facing hurdles.

 Thank you again for your consistent and efficient support Arshi.

Bruno Occhipinti, Parent of Livio (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2021

My son is on his Term 3 in learning French Language in lieu of Mother Tongue 

and Teacher Zahrah was there from the start.  She is very professional and patient in teaching my son.  

She would always make sure that my son can understand the lesson and be able to pronounce the words correctly.  

In a short period of 6 months, my son learned a lot of words that is pretty much impressive for a beginner.  

We hope that Teacher Zahrah can be with us until my son is fluent in French Language.  

We appreciate your hardwork. Thank you, Teacher Zahrah!

Imelda Escalona, Parent of Liam Semira (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2020

Ms. Wenda has been my eldest's online French tuition teacher for 7 or 8 years now. 

I must say that of all her French tuition teachers, Ms. Wenda is the most understanding, 

most kind, most patient, and most motivating one. 

Her communication with us through emails has been very warm 

with so much care, not just about Matthew's learning, but also of his well-being. 

That is why when my second son needed French tuition, too, I also got her to teach him. 

Ms. Wenda is very passionate and dedicated and she motivated my 2 sons 

to be serious of their French language subject. 

Also, as a parent, I needed someone whom I will be communicating with to be understanding, 

respectful, and tactful in our email correspondence. And Ms.Wenda surely is all that!

Athena Acosta, Parent of Matthew and Naethan (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2020

My daughter has been with Teacher Arshi for seven straight years until she took her O levels late in 2018. 

She has shown great patience and understanding towards her and her needs. 

In the end, she was not just a teacher to her but also a friend. 

This relationship has made my daughter look forward to her weekly French classes with Teacher Arshi. 

She was not just doing it for the sake of learning. Teacher Arshi has sparked my daughter's interest in the language and has accompanied her throughout her Primary and Secondary levels. 

Me and my wife were quite worried for Nicole's French O levels but with Teacher Arshi's help, 

she was able to get a B3 in it. Sad as we are that she cannot continue to work with her for her A levels, 

we still look forward to the weekly hi and hello as she teaches my younger daughter, Chloe, in Secondary 2 FIMT. 

We are always thankful to French Faster and Teacher Arshi on how Nicole has learned 

not only to speak and write in French, but to love the whole language. 

Dr Othello Dave, Parent of Nicole (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2019

Ms Zabeen is a passionate teacher. This character has struck us the first time we met her 

during the free-trial session to assess my daughter's French aptitude.

She has discussed with us that she wants to start with the basics 

to make sure my daughter can read French so that she can be a confident reader. 

My daughter is currently on her 3rd Term with Ms Zabeen and we are really satisfied with their progress.

She is very patient and she makes the effort to teach again any topics which my daughter did not understand well.

She has a well-planned syllabus and topics are interconnected which builds a good foundation 

to learn French from scratch. Her lessons are neither slow nor fast and 

she has good time management which allows my daughter to learn at a comfortable pace.

We definitely recommended Ms Zabeen if you want to learn French :-)

Lovelyn, Parent of Naya (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2018

Zabeen is different from most of the language teachers I know, 

she doesn't only teach French very well but she motivates my son to do more and learn more. 

She can easily reach out to my son without being too friendly nor intimidating 

but just right for my son to listen and follow her. For me that's the most important aspect of learning, 

for kids not to be frightened with the teacher rather encouraged to improve. 

So, let me take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, Zabeen, 

and hope you motivate and encourage more students through your teaching.

Emily, Parent of Kimi (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2018

Ms Zabeen is very kind and patient.

She makes me understand the words and teach me how to pronounce them properly.

She is a very good teacher.

Klein, Student (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2018

My daughter is very fortunate to be handled by Ms. Shazia. 

She is very professional. My daughter is very comfortable with her. 

And my daughter is always looking forward to her class, she's always excited to chat with Ms. Shazia.

Emma, Parent of Nadya (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2018

I'm very thankful that my daughter have Ms Aaradhana as teacher in French Faster. 
She's very patient and articulate in English and French.
Being able to schedule the classes in the most convenient time for my girl is a very good plus here.

Patria, Parent of Irene Sy (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2014-2018

My daughter has been learning French with Ms. Shireen for 2 years now. 
During Year 1, I actually sat with pretty much all the lessons with my daughter 
to ensure the class is as per our expectations and I must say that Ms Shireen is an excellent teacher. 

Not only did I learn basic French as well, but I am also re-assured that she will be a patient teacher and diligent with my young daughter who at times, being a kid at her age, can get easily distracted. 

Learning French for someone like us who does not speak it at home is a real challenge 
but we are glad we have French Faster through Ms Shireen to help us achieve our goal for our child 
to learn a new language within the confines of our home. 

Thank you again to Ms Shireen for her continued support to Isabelle's learning journey with French. 
Till the next session, Teacher :)

Mari, Parent of Isabelle (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2016-2017

Ms Arshi is my son's and daughter's French Tutor since 2012 and 2016 respectively. 

Jahzeel Renz, my son, had a smooth learning curve when he first started with the lesson. He said Arshi is passionate and showed enthusiasm in teaching him so it wasn't so difficult for him especially in pronouncing the words. She is patient and kind to him he added. There were times when we forgot that he has lesson due to other school activities, and we urgently asked for change in schedule, and she was flexible. We were able to get another slot in another day. 
Arshi really ensures she can engage my son ever since he was in Primary 3. 
Now he is in Secondary 2 and still learning French in Lieu of Mother Tongue.

Similarly, my daughter Hannah Renz started when she was Primary 3. Arshi shows consideration to her, that is why Hannah is very comfortable with her. French language is known to be a very difficult language especially in pronouncing the words, but by her skill and ability, both my son and daughter are comfortable. Hannah listens carefully and attentively throughout the lesson. Arshi motivates Hannah especially in pronouncing French words correctly. 

We can say that we are blessed that she is teaching both our children as she knows very well which approach is to be used and she uses unique strategy as per individual's capability. 

To this date, both of them are enjoying their time with Arshi and 
I believe they will learn proper French Language through her.

Mrs. Remy Romanillos, Parent of Jahzeel Renz & Hannah Renz (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2012-2017

Many thanks to Ms Arshi
she is a very friendly, reliable and patient teacher who manages to keep my son. 
I highly recommend her.

Danny / Betty Cervantes, Parent of Mark Joshwel Florentino Cervantes (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2015-2017

Arshi has been my son's French teacher for the past 5 years. 

She started teaching him when he was in P2 and both my son and 

I have found Arshi to be a very friendly, approachable and effective teacher.

She is very patient with my son and makes sure that he understands the lessons well. 

Due to her calm and friendly nature, my son is very comfortable in learning French. 

She knows how to motivate him in times when he is not too sure of himself about a lesson.

She can also accommodate some requests of change in timing, provided she has a time slot available. 

This is to ensure that my son does not miss out on any lessons, or can make up for lessons missed.

She exemplifies expertise in the language and professionalism in her role. 

I am grateful that she has been able to guide Ira in his learning journey in studying French.

Karen, Parent of Ira (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2012-2017

We are glad to have found French Faster online French tuition for our daughter Aswathi Gokul and over the above blessed to get Arshi as her tutor. She is patient, dedicated, professional and a motivating tutor. 

Her explanation are crisp and clear which enable Aswathi to pronounce each word clearly and understand the meaning of them. Arshi is very flexible and understanding. She has helped us in many occasions to change or adjust Aswathi's classes whenever we requested due to extra activities at school or medical reasons.

We are honestly grateful to have Arshi as Aswathi's French tutor. Aswathi is really enjoying her French lessons.

Thank you Arshi for your hardwork this last 4 yrs in helping Aswathi for teaching French and 

we look foward for many more French classes with you.

Subitha Kumari, Parent of Aswathi Gokul (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2014-2017

Arshi has been our children's French teacher for about two years now. 

She is very professional, patient and kind that's why we are grateful to have her as their teacher.
She knows how to instil discipline without putting stress and pressure to the children. 

She connects well with the children and adds some light conversations and 

fun with them during the lessons that's why the children are enjoying the class. 

She is very considerate in making adjustments when there is conflict in our schedules and 

she is even helpful on other administrative matters about the programme when we try to seek for assistance.
Thank you Ms Arshi!

Mr and Mrs Jabinal, Parent of Andreigo and Eleisa Jabinal (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2016-2017

Teacher Arshi is a kind, friendly and effective teacher to my son, Gian. 
She explains lessons very well and makes sure my son understood the lesson. 
She makes sure my son pronounces words properly and 
very patient in times that my son finds it difficult to pronounce the words. 
Our class with her is always fun. She is very pleasant and always smiling. She is always punctual.

It's been twice already that we asked for a change in schedule due to my son's extra activities in school and teacher Arshi was very understanding and flexible. She is very approachable and replies to our queries fast.

We are looking forward to more French classes with teacher Arshi.

Ginalyn Aguilar, Parent of Nino Gian Aguilar (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2016-2017

We feel very fortunate to have Arshi as Anais' French Teachers. 
She's been with Anais for almost two years and we found her professional and diligent. 
What is more, she clearly knows how to motivate our child and get the most out of her. 
The results show and Anais is progressing under Arshi's lead. 

It's thus a real pleasure to provide this testimonial, 
so as to give a tiny bit back for the immense difference Arshi is making.
Thank you Arshi!

Stephanie Blas, Parent of Anais Blas (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2016-2017

Ms Nadjia has been my children's French teacher since 2010! 
She started teaching my son Justin and then continued with my daughter Julia until now.

It's really fun learning French as she makes it very interesting and easy to understand. 
She's very cheerful, patient, approachable and knowledgeable. 

I would highly recommend Ms Nadjia because she's simply the best!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for being such a wonderful teacher to my kids and a good friend to us. May she continue to help and inspire more students to learn French.

Mira, Parent of Justin and Julia (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2010-2013 then 2014-2017

Nadjia has been a great teacher to my two sons Ethan & Isaac, Ethan from P3 to P6. 
Now Isaac from P1 to present. The way she teach made my sons completely eager to understand French.
She simply making French language easier for them. 
That is why I am always thankful & glad that Nadjia is still available as Isaac's teacher.

Abel Romero, Parent of Daniel Ethan and Seth Isaac (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2010-2014 then 2016-2017

We have been with French Faster for 8 years now. 
Nadjia is the teacher of my 2 daughters and i would say that she is very friendly and patient with them. 
My daughters, especially my youngest one, are so at ease during their french classes. 
Kudos to Nadjia for being approachable and flexible.

James, Parent of Azelea and Erys (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2010-2017

By the time my son Liam started Primary 5 this year, we decided to enroll him again, in French In Lieu of Mother Tongue but this time taking online tuition where we met his teacher, Miss Shazia. 

Knowing my son as quiet reserved young man, Teacher Shazia friendly voice makes him confidently communicate to her. She is very encouraging teacher. She makes sure my son pronounce/read the french word/sentences correctly 
and patiently waited for him to understand his lessons well. 

When it comes to make up classes, she is considerate and 
accommodating to adjust her time so that Liam won't miss any of his lessons.
I am happy to see my son showing interest in learning French language and seeing them sharing a good laugh sometimes, i knew i choose the right teacher for him. All the best for you Teacher Shazia and thank you!

Leomie Tangalin, Parent of Liam Idris (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2017

Many thanks to Shazia for being so patient with Chelsea! 

She's a very dependable teacher and so far the online lessons are working well. Thanks again.

Adeline, Parent of Chelsea (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2016-2017

I have had 2 boys that went to French class online at French Faster in Lieu of Mother Tongue in Singapore. 

Ms Anju was their teacher for almost 3 years. 

She is a very considerate teacher that most of the time updates me about my children’s behavior during her class. 

She had been very patient with them and knows how to handle situations when they are not in the mood to listen. 

She knows how to get their attention and get them interested in learning. 

I would truly recommend Ms. Anju to other parents who wanted to get a worthy teacher for their child. 

Thank you very much Ms. Anju for your patience, understanding, and for being a friend to my 2 boys.

Lorena Rivera, Mother of Jan & Jed Rivera (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2014-2017

Ms. Nadjia has been a very good teacher to my daughter Aurora. 

She's suppotive and encouraging, and her voice and attitude shows that she is easy to get along with.

My son Orion has only started taking French lessons this year. 

Ms Nadjia has been very patient with him, joking and saying encouraging words to make him finish his task.

Ryan Tayag, Parent of Aurora and Orion (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2014-2017

My son Christon Goh had a wonderful years of learning French under the teaching and supervision of Miss Arshi. 

Ms Arshi have all the qualities of a good tutor/teacher. 

She is very well knowledgeable of the subject/language that she is teaching. She is very punctual. 

Always keep me inform of the lessons to discuss and notes to prints ahead of time. 

She is understanding, accessible and approachable. Especially during the time that we have to re schedule the class. 

Even after the session, she will make it a point to talk to my son a bit.

 It makes the learning experience more fun and less boring for Christon. She is also very patient to my son queries. 

Thank you is not enough to describe my appreciation to Ms Arshi. 

At this time that my son is going to another level, it really feels very sad to end our lessons with her. 

I will not hesitate to recommend Ms Arshi to other people who wants to go for French tuition online. 

Again, Thank You Miss Arshi. I wish all the best to you and French Faster.

Amelita Reyes, Parent of Christon Goh (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2017

Ms. Shazia is a wonderful teacher. 

She interacts well with my kids and makes sure that they don't feel bored during the class. 

She makes an honest comment on the performance of my kids. She is an asset to French Faster. Keep it up!

Emma Cacayan, Parent of Nadya Emile (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2017

This is the second time I enrolled my daughter for French Lesson under French Faster. 

The first time, my eldest daughter took lessons in her primary years. 

This time round my youngest daughter was looking forward to learn French language in lieu of Primary 1 Mother Tongue and we say French Faster did not disappoint us again.


Teacher Shireen connected to my shy daughter Charisse easily and

 looking forward for long term learning to learn French. More power to French Faster!!!

Samuel Padolina, Parent of Charisse Padolina (Singapore)

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2017

Ms Shazia is a great experienced teacher. 
She's very patient and helpful in giving my son Mee Ghel a good understanding of the language.
I really appreciate the way she teaches as she explains French pronunciation clearly. 
I just want to say thank you. My son enjoys his classes and he has a lot of fun during the hours of French conversation.

Rey Fetalvero, Parent of Mee Ghel (Singapore)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2016

Rozeedah has been teaching my 2 children aged 10 and 8 for 8 weeks now. 
In that short space of time, the children have learnt a lot from her. 
She is patient with them,especially my son who struggles to sit still for an hour. 

Her lessons are interactive and she follows a tight syllabus, where the children are taught not just how to converse in French but also elementary aspects like parts of speech. 
She engages the children by trying to relate the French she teaches them to their everyday life.
 I sit in with them for their lessons and even I have learnt a lot from her. 

We look forward to learning more French from Rozeedah.

Mrs Mary Grosvenor, Parent of Isabella and Ethan Grosvenor (Singapore)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2016

This serves as a recommendation for Teacher Arshi, my 2 daughters' French tuition teacher for the past 3 years. 

She has been an effective and patient teacher and my daughters look forward to having lessons with her. 

She is considerate, nice and explains lessons very well. 

Over the years, I have indeed seen my girls learn to appreciate French language and 

in fact, look forward to travel to the country and are excited to be able to progress further in their lessons. 

We are certain that Teacher Arshi will continue to be successful in any future teaching endeavours.

Dr. Othello Raymond S. Dave III (Singapore)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Feb 2015

I was so happy that I immediately found French Faster when I was searching for a French tuition for my child. 

Knowing that it is an online teaching, I became interested as it was more convenient on my part. 

My child did not need to go anywhere. The payment of fees was easy. 

I just needed to pay via bank transfer, send the proof of payment, and that was it. No hassle at all! 

As for the teacher, we had Ms. Wenda. She has been teaching him for around two years now. 

Starting from scratch, he can now able to understand some of the French words and common phrases.

 I want to commend her for being so patient and understanding with my son. 

During lessons, she spoke in French and type the words for better understanding. 

Their notes were sent through email before the start of the lesson, sometimes with very nice illustrations. 

My son likes her very much. 

I highly recommend French Faster for students who are taking their third language in lieu of mother tongue.

Chris Gaetos, Parent (Singapore)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Nov 2014

Ms Amiirah is an amiable tutor whom my daughter Arianne is attending her FIMT lessons. 

She is a tolerant teacher and demonstrates passion in teaching the language, 

although my daughter is a bit slow in catching up with the lessons. 

After few on-line sessions, my daughter had showed improvements 

in focusing with her lessons with the help of Ms Amiirah. 

For me, French Faster is providing an easy way for students like my daughter, to learn the French Language. 

Being an on-line course it is convenient as they provide learning at the comfort of the student's home.

Ronaldo Olaes, Parent of Arianne (Singapore)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2014

It was wonderful experience to have Anusha as our French teacher. 

For a beginner, we appreciate her willingness and patience to make sure our every pronunciation is correct. 

She was very engaging and helped us feel at ease during lessons. 

We are looking forward to begin another year of learning French with her.

Lyn Ilmedo, Parent of Liam (Singapore)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2013

We signed up our daughter with French Faster and we have been very satisfied with how the lessons are going. 

It is very convenient for us to have the lessons done at home instead of bringing our daughter every week to her classes. Our daughter is quite shy but she is slowly getting used to the lesson format. 

We are very satisfied at how Anju handles the lessons and slowly helps our daughter overcome her shyness as well. 

We are also allowed to be present during the lessons to help our daughter with whatever she needs during the lessons. This in turn, also helps us understand what she is learning - it also helps us learn a few french words as well.

 We also like the way how Anju makes the atmosphere more comfortable for our daughter before they begin. 

Her jolly and patient attitude makes the lessons easier for her to understand. 

Overall we would recommend anyone with children taking FIMT to enroll in French Faster instead. 

Special thanks again to Anju for her commendable work!

Amy Castillo, Parent (Singapore)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Sep 2014

My daughter has been taking French in lieu of mother tongue with French Faster since 2012. 

Learning French with French Faster is a breeze and it has given us the option to learn at the comfort of our home. 

And it has been even better when we got Ms. Rozeedah as my daughter's teacher. 

Ms. Rozeedah is a very good and kind teacher and she is very accommodating. 

She explains very clearly and makes sure that my daughter understands the lessons. 

We are very satisfied with Ms. Rozeedah and French Faster!

Marla Marinas, Parent (Singapore)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Nov 2014

Ms Wenda is a guiding and helpful tutor whom my two son's Dave & Gabriel are attending for their FIMT lessons.

She is a wonderful teacher and is patient in teaching the French language to my two boys.

My children are eager to study and learn French with her. 

For me, French Faster is a convenient way for both parents and students 

as they provide online learning at the comfort of the student's home.

Dave Jereza, Parent (Singapore)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Oct 2013

My sons got exempted from Mandarin and approved to take French. 

Unfortunately, all schools I contacted had already started their French program. 

MOE recommended I sign up my two sons for online lessons since students can register anytime of the year. 

French Faster being the only online French school in Singapore, 

I decided to enroll my boys at French Faster as it is endorsed by MOE itself. 

It was indeed a blessing in disguise. I've been very satisfied with the fast email responses. 

Also, online tuition is so practical. 

My sons were very excited when they first saw their teacher Ms Rozeedah on the skype screen for the trial lesson. 

Ms Rozeedah teaches very well; she speaks slowly and clearly, 

then she writes every important word she says so my boys can understand quickly. 

My boys really like the online lessons, and they look forward to every Wednesday for their French tuition. 

I strongly recommend online learning with French Faster.

Michelle Argamosa, Parent of Jessi & Joshua (Singapore)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, 2010

To be able to teach French one has to be qualified, assertive and patient. 

My daughter is so fortunate that she has a teacher with these qualities. 

Ms. Karen as we call her, is so flexible that she is able to adapt to my daughter's learning needs. 

When my daughter is in difficulty, she never fails to give her motivation to encourage her to learn French all the more. She is an amazing teacher and I feel so blessed and honored to have found her for my daughter.

Mrs Lorraine Nombres, Mother of Allaura (Singapore)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Primary 2, 2008

Student Reviews of our French for Kids course

Learning French is one of my bighest challenge especially at my age (12 yrs old). 

At first, I thought I will be having a hard time learning it but because of the help of my teacher Ms. Rozeedah everything seems so easy, she is definitely a good teacher and she was really friendly and helpful. 

I like the way she teaches, she gave lots of exercises to improve my comprehension, 

correcting my mistakes whenever I pronounce it wrong and she keeps on encouraging me. 

The method of teaching through Skype works really well especially with the help and guidance of Ms. Rozeedah.

 I find her warm and patient.

Lauren Manabat (Singapore)
French for Kids, French in lieu, Nov 2014

When my daughter started P1 last year, she took French as Mother Tongue as it is the language we speak at home. 

We decided to enrol her for French courses and 

we chose E-learning with French Faster for the flexibility and the low cost. 

It is now almost 2 years than our daughter is having weekly French courses with Arshi and we are really satisfied.

 Arshi is a very friendly, reliable and patient teacher who manages to keep my daughter's attention the entire course. 

I highly recommend her if you are looking for a French tutor for your kids.

Stephanie T. (Singapore)
French for Kids, 2014

My daughter and myself passed DELF A1 exam given last Nov 26, 2012. 

And we have our French tutor, Nadjia to thank for that. She makes the lessons less intimidating and more fun. 

Not only that, she is also patient with us and accommodates all our questions. She guides us on how to pronounce French words correctly, how and when to use the accent, gives us tips to remember conjugations and grammar and the ever confusing feminine and masculine words. 

She is definitely good with kids given her happy disposition and bubbly personality. 

My daughter is a bit shy but she is able to draw her out and encourage her participate and speak quite confidently. 

As for myself, I learn through sitting-in my daughter's lessons (which really I never thought is possible). 

But Nadjia, being such a wonderful tutor, she somehow to motivates me to learn as well. 

That's one advantage of learning with French Faster. 

Being an online lesson, both the child and parent can attend without the extra cost for the parent.

Jasmine & Aeole Montero (Singapore)
French for Kids, 2012

My 11 and 8 year-old boys couldn't have had their interest in French going if they had not met Karen. 

Karen provides wonderful materials from her library to show my children. Especially, useful and beautiful illustration books are more than enough for my 8 year-old son to keep as his favourites. 

My 11 year-old son has shown noticeable progress in verbal French as well as confidence in the new language. 

I'm so glad I have Karen to enrich my children's interest to explore beyond their mother tongue and English

Mrs Mihn Lee, Mother of Mark & Eddie (Singapore)
French for Kids, Singapore, 2008

Nageeb is a language teacher with a difference. 

He guides his student through the winding roads of learning with great ease and efficiency. 

Nageeb's vibrant energy and unique method of teaching proves that learning can be fun yet effective.

Rita Banerjee (Parent of 9-year old Rahul, DPS (Singapore) 
French for Kids, 2007

Student Reviews of our 
Tuition for International School Students course

Teacher Aradhana has been the French language tutor for our daughter Hiba for about 5 years. 

She has made learning French for Hiba an amazing experience.

Hiba doesn't like to and never wants to miss any of her sessions with Teacher Aradhana 

and has built an excellent bond with her teacher and this has been visible in Hiba's results in every French language test and exam where she has scored never less than an A+ grade.

We thank Teacher Aradhana and hope this great Teacher-Student relationship will carry on for years.

Afshan and Khalid, Parent of Hiba (Singapore)

French Tuition for International School Students, 2013-2017

Student Reviews of our IB French course

Avinash my son was studying in IB year 1 when he needed some help with French IB SL subject. 

Then we came across Rozeedah a French teacher ... a great tutor and a wonderful person. She guided my son through his difficulties in French IB SL and he gained confidence. His performance improved under her patient guidance. 

We are very thankful to Rozeedah for help and support because of which my son fared so well in his IB SL exams 

and secured a place in an esteemed University in Singapore.

Kavita Gurnani, Parent of Avinash (Singapore)
IB French SL, 2016

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Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

It is no exaggeration to say that my French grades have more than doubled ever since Nageeb arrived. 

Not only is he the most organized and enthusiastic tutor I have ever had, he is also an expert in capitalizing on his students' existing language backgrounds to make learning more efficient. 

As a student of two other foreign languages, I found this approach refreshing and devoid of the unnecessary frustration usually associated with learning a new language from the 'ground up'. 

Furthermore, his indepth personal knowledge of the spoken and more practical side of French 

allowed me to effectively apply what I learnt, transforming learning from a chore to a joy. 

Hence, I strongly believe that anyone wishing to learn or improve their French 

can do no better than Nageeb and his team.

Kevin Tan (Singapore)
IB French Ab Initio Student, ACS, June 2007

Student Reviews of our IGCSE French course

Ms Anju was a great support to my son Adithya while he was preparing for the French IGCSE exam. 
Her patience and her friendly nature helped him overcome his reluctance to speak in French. 
The worksheets and the audio clips she used for practice made him confident and 
helped him score A* with 95 percentile in the exam.

Reshma Prasad, Parent of Aditya Prasad (Singapore)
 IGCSE French Exam Preparation, Aug 2016

I am father of two children (currently in IB Year 2 and Class 8), 

my children are attending French classes through French Faster and their teacher is Ms. Rozeedah. 

Ms. Rozeedah is teaching my eldest child since 2009, under her tutelage my eldest child is able to 

pass IGCSE French paper (as 2nd language) with A* 

and continue to take up French as 2nd language in IB diploma course. 

We are very happy with Ms. Rozeedah coaching and her dedication towards teaching. She has demonstrated lot of passion towards teaching and went extra mile in clarifying the doubts, even during weekends. 

Ms. Rozeedah's help gave us lot of confidence in her as well as in French Faster (as an organization), which led us to change my second child's 2nd language to French, under the tutelage of Ms. Rozeedah. 

We strongly recommend Ms. Rozeedah to whoever want help in learning French.

Sampath Dharmapalan, Parent (Singapore)
IGCSE French Exam Preparation, Nov 2014


Student Reviews of our GCE O Level French course

My daughter has been with Teacher Arshi for seven straight years until she took her O levels late in 2018. 

She has shown great patience and understanding towards her and her needs. 

In the end, she was not just a teacher to her but also a friend. 

This relationship has made my daughter look forward to her weekly French classes with Teacher Arshi. 

She was not just doing it for the sake of learning. Teacher Arshi has sparked my daughter's interest in the language and has accompanied her throughout her Primary and Secondary levels. 

Me and my wife were quite worried for Nicole's French O levels but with Teacher Arshi's help, 

she was able to get a B3 in it. Sad as we are that she cannot continue to work with her for her A levels, 

we still look forward to the weekly hi and hello as she teaches my younger daughter, Chloe, in Secondary 2 FIMT. 

We are always thankful to French Faster and Teacher Arshi on how Nicole has learned 

not only to speak and write in French, but to love the whole language. 

Dr Othello Dave, Parent of Nicole (Singapore)

GCE O Level French, 2018

I cannot stress enough the experience of taking French with Nageeb. 

From the structure of the syllabus to the actual tutoring, taking French with Nageeb changed my entire attitude towards the language because of its depth, completeness, and overall quality. 

Nageeb made French a fun and enriching experience to go through. 

Whatever I learned - the grammar, the conjugation, the vocabulary - was explained and put in the relevant context which made the learning faster. This allowed me to absorb more in a shorter period, and still maintain the quality of what I was learning. Emphasis was placed on the details, such as the pronunciation and phonetics. 

I would highly recommend anyone considering taking French 

- whether it be for the first time, to improve, or to learn how to use it in a practical sense - 

to take it with Nageeb and his team.

Raoul Alwani, TUFTS University Graduate (Singapore)
GCE O Level French Exam Preparation, 2009

Student Reviews of our HSC French course

Nageeb is an excellent language teacher; 

he is extremely accomplished with all areas in his language and his teaching concepts. 

He is social and funny yet knows what you need to do to help you succeed. 

I personally have been ranked first in my French class this year, my final year which is the year it counts for. 

Of course you have to be willing to learn the language. 

If you are willing and Nageeb is your teacher, then those two go perfectly hand in hand for you to succeed.

Alexandra Von Peltz, Australian International School (Singapore)
HSC French, Nov 2008

Nageeb is an excellent French teacher who is able to tailor his tutoring to suit the needs of his students. 

He has helped me better grasp my knowledge of the French language and 

build a strong foundation, on which I hope to expand. 

Nageeb has helped me throughout my last two years of high school 

which have seen me improving and understanding the language. 

I believe Nageeb would be a sound choice for anyone looking for an experienced, cultured and friendly teacher 

who will effectively assist them in their quest to make progress in the French language.

Samantha Toh, Australian International School (Singapore)
HSC French, Nov 2009

Student Reviews of our DELF/DALF French course

Thanks to Aaradhana and Kavita ma'am, I got 93/100 for DELF B1 exam! I got my results today.

Dishant Sipani (Singapore)

DELF B1 Scolaire, 2019

Nayaz is an excellent French teacher who helped me get comfortable with speaking French regularly. He was very patient and kind, and flexible with rescheduling classes when unexpected things came up. I highly recommend Nayaz, and French Faster, for anyone who wants to quickly improve their French language skills.

Jolly Ann (Balantyre, Malawi)

DELF Exam Preparation, 2017

Nayaz is a kind and patient instructor that is supportive of you regardless of your level of French competency. 

He provides useful lessons that are directed towards the DELF exam. 

He is clearly very knowledgeable about the structure and grading of the exam. 

We worked together for 10 hours of instruction and during that time I felt more confident with my verbal and written skills. I would highly recommend Nayaz as an instructor.

Anusha Mohan (San Francisco, USA)

DELF Exam Preparation, 2017

I had to take the DELF A2 exam as graduation requirement for INSEAD. 

Although I spent a year in France going to school, I spoke English and took a total of 6 weeks of classes on and off in Paris. But my French was very rusty and I had to start from scratch. 

I had 2.5 months before my exam so I signed up for French Faster with Anju, taking 2-3 hours a week. 

I had no time outside our sessions to practice French. 

She was patient, guiding me every week to fully understand the basics, 

helping me be more confident in my speaking, listening, writing and comprehension. 

Even when I freaked out a couple days before my exam, she was incredibly supportive. 

She has amazing energy and made each class engaging. 

I would recommend her to anyone that needs to pass an exam in a short period of time. 

I just received my results and went far beyond the minimum to pass, with a perfect score in comprehension.

 I'm so happy with my results that I may sign up to take the B1 exam next year.

Heui Jin Jo, INSEAD MBA Exit Language Requirement, 
DELF A2, Jan 2015

I can unequivocally say that Nadjia is a phenomenal teacher, and the best foreign language teacher I have ever known.

 She made learning French easy, fun and stress-free. In spite of having only 4 weeks' time for preparing for my DELF B1 test, she made the entire journey so smooth and hurdle-free for me. Whenever I used to get panic she would calm me down and show her confidence in me by saying soothing words like she believes in me that I'll make it for sure. 

I feel she used to do more homework for me than myself. Even after class she would prepare lessons for me, and think in every aspect what can be done so that I can achieve my desired grades in exams. 

She's a wonderful teacher, inspiring human being and a humble person. 

She's among few those people with whom you would like to be in touch forever. 

Thanks a lot Nadjia for being there for me, take care.

Dr Pooja Malik (Pedodontist), India
DELF B1 Exam Preparation, Sep 2014

I wanted to write the DELF A2 exam before I was admitted to INSEAD, and by the time I started studying I only had 3 weeks before the test. I had studied some French in high school and university but hadn't really used it in almost 10 years so understandably I was a little rusty. I worked with Shabneez at French Faster for just 15 hrs over that 3 week period, and she was really friendly and helpful. I was traveling a lot for work at the time and was able to attend lessons in multiple cities (and once in the airport) and French Faster is great at accommodating that kind of flexibility. After working with Shabneez I scored 96.5/100 on the A2 exam. If you're thinking about brushing up your French, I'd highly recommend French Faster as it's convenient, flexible, and easy.

DELF A2, 2014

I want to thank you so much for your help during my DELF A2 test preparation! 

Moozaina was especially helpful in making sure that I learned all the required material for my test. 

Here is the great news: I passed my test with a superb score!

Jing G.
DELF A2 Exam Preparation (INSEAD Exit Requirement, 2013)

I had the pleasure of enrolling in French language classes with Nageeb and what a great experience it was! 

After initially hesitating to enroll in online classes, French Faster was the most suitable for my difficult schedule. 

Nageeb provided the necessary guidance and pace for me to pass the DELF A2 exam. 

He was very patient and accommodated my busy schedule and late hours. 

Nageeb focused on what is important to pass the exam 

and his deep knowledge of the exam helped me in scoring 90 out of 100 on my first try for the DELF A2 exam! 

I highly recommend him for anyone seeking a flexible and effective way to learn French. 

I wish him and French Faster all the success!

Ahmed Alhaqbani INSEAD MBA Graduate (Saudi Arabia)
DELF A2, 2012

I am very happy with the services provided by French Faster. 

I was able to pass the DELF A2 exam with just 30 hours of tuition over 3-4 weeks. 

The tutors were knowledgable and catered my lessons to areas that I needed to focus on for my exam. 

I would recommend French Faster to anyone who's looking for an effective, efficient way to learn French.

A. R.
DELF A2 Exam Preparation (INSEAD MBA, 2012)

Ms. Shabneez is my favorite teacher. She is the Best French Teacher I have ever met. 

French Faster has indeed helped me to prepare for DELF Prim exam in just 8 classes . 

Very true to its name ! I got 97%. 

I have gained excellent command over the language now. 

Ms. Shabneez has excellent communication skills , her oral classes are especially so interesting 

that I really look forward to her Skype lessons. 

Join French Faster now and enjoy learning French !

Rama (Singapore)
DELF Prim Exam Preparation, 2012

I was initially skeptical about learning a foreign language online 

but French Faster turned this initial idea into a misconception quickly. 

Shabneez was incredibly patient and relentless in preparing me for the DELF A2 examination; 

I learned an incredible amount of stuff in a short period of time and did fantastically well, scoring 95.5% on my first try. 

I'd recommend this programme to anyone who appreciates flexibility and outstanding teaching.

Lyn (Singapore)
DELF A2 Exam Preparation, 2012

Zameera is a very patient and nice tutor. I started with zero knowledge on French 

to passing DELF A2 level in less than 80 hours. 

I've had experience with bad tutors before and I was a tutor myself. So I know how a good tutor is. 

Some people may know the subject that they are tutoring very well, but it doesn't mean that they can tutor well. 

I believe a good tutor is not only about knowing the subject 

but also knowing the tutee and adapt the tutee's way of learning. 

Zameera spent time understanding my learning style and work with Nageeb to come up with a plan. 

She is very patient with me. She will answer all my questions patiently and follow up for me if she cannot answer right away. I know I can rely on her to get all my answers. She is also very nice and willing to work with my schedule. Sometimes, I may be late or busy and need to reschedule. She always try to work my schedule without any hesitation. She is also very responsible. She takes it seriously to help me pass my DELF A2 exam!

Aileen Yu, INSEAD Business Student, Class of 2012 (USA)
DELF A2, 2012

I used French Faster to prepare for the DELF A2 and passed after 10 hours of intense tutoring by Nageeb 

(I was barely at the A1 level but am a native Spanish speaker). 

Nageeb knows exactly how to prepare students for the DELF A2 and works tirelessly to prepare his students for the exam. I had a few private lessons at the French Institute in New York, and while they were helpful, they did not focus specifically on the DELF A2 exam preparation like French Faster. 

Nageeb was highly recommended to me and after working with him, I can confidently recommend him to my INSEAD classmates. Avoid the expense and time commitment of French classes at INSEAD. 

If French is your exit language requirement, 

find a DELF A2 testing center near you and sign up for French Faster sessions.

Frank Pino (New York, USA)
Insead MBA Student, Class of 2012

I passed my DELF A2 exam with flying colours. 

If you're in Singapore and are also thinking of learning French as your third language ... if you have limited time, you may prefer a much more flexible course which focuses on particular areas you'd like to improve. 

Also, as you need to pass an exam, you may prefer getting more attention from the teacher (individual or small groups of 2-3). In other schools where I studied before, I felt the classes were too big for the professor to have time to fix your pronunciation individually. Then, if you want individual tuition, it is quite expensive. 

So instead, I strongly recommend another school called French Faster, 

which has more personal attention at a more reasonable price. 

You're made to understand why things are done in a certain way and not just because "that's French, that's how it is", which is more the attitude I got from my earlier professors.

Vanessa Tan (Singapore) INSEAD MBA Graduate, 
DELF A2, 2009

I'd like to thank French Faster for helping me pass my DELF A1 paper. I scored more than I expected. 

French Faster accommodated my hectic schedule and arranged make-up lessons for me to catch up with my classmates and ensure I was adequately prepared for my DELF A1 exam. 

My teacher Nageeb always made the lessons enjoyable and interesting with jokes. 

He never fails to answer any of our questions, even the naughty ones!

Roslinda Abdul Rahim, Office Manager, Unigestion Asia (Singapore)
DELF A1, Jan 2009

Student Reviews of our
French for Adult Learners course

I was struggling to find the way to fit learning French to my busy working schedule; 

then I'd discovered French Faster and had my first trial lesson with Ms. Shazia 

- who has been an amazing teacher from the beginning till the end of my 40-hour course. 

When Ms. Shazia had to be on leave, I was assigned to another teacher, Ms Aaradhana 

- who has helped me a lot to improve my speaking and conversing. 

Learning French requires a lot of patience and effort, and I am glad having the initiating steps with these professional and dedicated teachers from French Faster. 

Thanh Binh (Malta)

French for Adult Learners, 2017

First of all, thank you very much Ms Aaradhana for your attention during the time we had classes together.

About the classes themselves, I felt assisted by you and the material used was clear and comprehensive, 

that together with your explanations I was able to understand the subject clearly. 

The usage of Skype tool facilitates the life of people like me, who travels quite a lot and need flexibility. 

The comprehension about short-notice cancellations is also highly appreciated.

I am really looking forward to starting next level as soon as I finish some personal projects.

Thank you very much once more Ms Aaradhana.

Adriano Frizon (Netherlands)

French for Adult Learners, 2017

I have been doing a good progress in my french language with Monsieur Nayaz. 

He is a kind person and very good tutor as well. 

He shows a great deal of respect and understanding during our french lessons. 

He is always ready to develop/prepare new materials according to my educational needs 

and helps me arrange my daily courses/lessons in a very flexible manner, 

which helps me a lot in managing my time although I have frequent business travels.

Amr El Essawy (Saudi Arabia)

French for Adult Learners, 2017

I have been dealing with Nadja for about a year and a half for learning French. 
Nadja makes the French language more interesting for me. 
I love her nice way to explain things for me with lots of patience. 
I learned a lot from her as being new in learning French.
 I highly recommend French Faster to any one who wants to learn French, especially with my teacher Nadja.

Laila (Saudi Arabia)
French for Adult Beginners, 2016

Arshi is a wonderful tutor. She is funny, encouraging and understanding, without losing the eye for results. 

Learning French from her is a real bonus. 

Practising and learning with her, my understanding and communication in French improves tremendously. 

I highly recommend Arshi as a French tutor!

Lim Hui Meng (Singapore)
French for Adult Learners, 2013

You have been a wonderful tutor for me. 

I want to thank you for all the effort you have put to make me learn French in a easier way. 

In just 28 hours I feel I know French a lot. You carry "always be cool" attitude that motivates any student. 

You are very patient, highly flexible and open to answer any doubts. 

Learning French from you was fun as well. 

Merci Nayaz. I highly recommend you.

Hari Upadhyaya (India)
French for Adults, Nov 2013

Arshi is a very dedicated, organised and inspiring teacher. 

She is great at planning one's development, and at giving one the confidence to progress their French to the next level. She provides all-rounded tuition, focusing on conversation, grammar, listening and writing. 

Arshi is also very friendly and lovely to learn from, and 

I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their French.

Freya D. (Australia)
French for Adult Learners, Conversational French

It has been half a year since my first French lesson with Nadjia. 

I want to thank her a lot for being patient and kind with me all the time. 

She prepares well for each lesson and always encourages me that I can do it and do better. 

I enjoyed learning with her and I am getting more and more interested in the French culture 

and always want to know more. I am looking forward to more lessons with her in year 2012! 

I strongly recommend French Faster and my tutor Nadjia if you are planning to learn French. 

The price is more affordable and most importantly it's one to one. 

Skype works the same as face-to-face. 

Nadjia is always willing to teach and share and be there for you if you have any question.

Meizhi Wang (Singapore/China)
French for Adult learners

Having looked around for a couple of options to learn French, I decided to give French Faster a go primarily due to the low cost, flexibility and quick turn around time to have a good grasp of the language. 

Though I was initially sceptical about the effectiveness of online learning, 

Nageeb quickly dispelled those doubts with his patience, dedication and structured method of instruction. 

Nageeb created a customised curriculum for me and was very patient especially when I was initially still trying to grasp the nuances of the language. The customised curriculum meant that my progress was dependant on my abilities, and served to provide a solid foundation of the language. 

Nageeb also made the lessons interesting by sharing aspects of French culture and other nuggets of information to spice up the lessons. While offering me the flexibility of choosing my lesson timings, online learning also allowed me to get the individual attention of the tutor at a significantly lower cost.

Sankar Sandanathan, Business Analyst, BNP Paribas (Singapore) 
French for Adult Learners, 2010

Nageeb is an excellent teacher who is innovative, 

and understands the individual learning process so much better than any teacher I've taken French lessons from. 

Since mid-2009, I have been taking Skype one-on-one lessons with Nageeb at an unbelievably affordable price,

 and in return, I get very comprehensive and unique notes created by Nageeb himself, 

and more than adequate attention from him during our lessons. 

In just 3 months, I understood concepts that previous teachers failed to teach me, 

made simple by Nageeb's unique explanations that gel with me completely. 

The value I get out of my skype one-on-one lessons with Nageeb is incredible. 

No matter where we are (we both travel a lot), we never miss our weekly sessions, 

which is something I highly recommend. 

I highly, highly recommend Nageeb for online language sessions - your improvement is something I can vouch for.

Jun Yeo, Business Development Executive, Universal Music (Singapore)
French for Adult Learners, 2010

Online learning is something new to me, and learning french is just as interesting. 

French faster is a no-frills course - no hidden cost, flexible time to fit my schedule 

on weekend afternoon or weekday nite after I've settled my children to sleep. 

Ms Nadjia, my bubbly tutor, is always helpful to write the pronounciation to me,

 to ease my understanding on the words, vowels, and consonants.

 I don't have any hesitation to recommend French Faster to my friends 

or people who has the keen interest to pick up French.

Xinni Chen (Singapore)
French for Adult Learners, 2010

Before joining French Faster, I attended a private course for beginners and 

after 2 months, I still couldn't get the French pronunciation correctly. 

So, I decided to enrol in a basic phonics class, and that didn't work either. 

Then I found French Faster. I was a bit skeptical about learning a language on Skype. 

But I soon decided to give one-to-one skype lessons a try. My tutor helped me on my pronunciation. 

He devoted a full one-hour on French phonic rule. After 3-4 lessons, I started to read independently and more confidently.

Now we are on a choo-choo train of grammar to learn to make sentences. 

For beginners like me, French Faster is a great help as French pronunciation can be difficult. 

The notes sent to me as email attachments are well-prepared and the explanation very logical and clear. 

Now I realize skype lessons really work. 

Chez French Faster, on apprend le francais plus vite. C'est vrai!

Marilyn (Singapore)
French for Adult Learners, 2010

French Faster took the guesswork out of learning French! 

After a year of weekly French lessons at other schools, 

I still found it daunting to speak French as I was never sure of the pronunciation. 

With French Faster and Nageeb's clear and concise French lessons, I can finally read with confidence.

Lili Lim, Credit Agricole Asset Management (Singapore)
French for Adult Learners, 2009

Nageeb is a very intuitive teacher who is very sensitive to my needs as a student. 

He understands the difficulty I have with learning French as an adult. 

He devised interesting ways for me to remember difficult and complicated French grammatical rules. 

He is also a very patient and approachable teacher. 

I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn French not only quickly but effectively.

Naixiang Hui (Singapore)
French for Adult Learners, 2009


Student Reviews of our TEF & TEFAQ French course

Shazia taught me the French language from scratch. I was able to pass my TEF exam with B2-C2 scores. 

She is an excellent teacher and was extremely supportive throughout my learning journey. 

Her guidance and input were always spot on and this has helped me to accelerate my progress. 

I am thankful to Shazia, Nageeb and the team at FrenchFaster for all their help!

Riyaz S (India)

TEF exam preparation, 2021

I would highly recommend Ms. Nadjia, she was my French teacher. 

She could accommodate my timings, since I am working professional. I appreciate her understanding and compassion as a Teacher. She is very accomodating and knowledgeable. She literally makes learning fun. 

The materials she shared were also very very helpful to start from basics. 

Moreover, she really inspires as a teacher and makes one to do better and better. 

I had to change few teachers before her, i was very lucky to finally end up learning with her. 

I really thank Ms. Nadjia for my sessions. God bless her and others with her wonderful sessions. 

Dilraj Kaur (Thailand)

TEF exam preparation, 2018

Aaradhana is great at accommodating needs of the student according to 

pace, prior knowledge and discipline/time commitment. 

She has good resources for any area the student wants to focus on. 

Given enough teaching hours, supervised practice is best because she works with the student 

to assess their strengths and way of thinking, and offers corrections right away. Thank you!

Karthik Murugiah (Quebec)

TEFAQ exam preparation, 2016

Magical Anju helped me go from B1 to B2, in TEFAQ Listening exam, within 14 hours!! 
When I came to French Faster, I had attempted the TEFAQ listening exam already 3 times with the same result: B1. 

I'm from India, staying in Montreal for the last 3 years and was taking private coaching for French ~6 hours a week. 
That had helped me to reach from 0 to B1 level within 9 months. 

3 days before my 4th scheduled exam, Anju taught me 3 classes of 2h each in the next 2 days. After these 6h, the result was still B1. It was like a frustrating glass ceiling for me. The next exam gave me some more time in between and Anju convinced me for taking another 8h of classes. I also felt like I haven't given French Faster a fair chance with only 6h.

 I took another 8h package and this time after Anju's numerous grueling listening exercise, I finally achieved "B2". 
I would like to thank Anju and French Faster from the bottom of my heart, 
for taking my ship through to the last dreaded mile in the journey.

Sankalp Sachdeva (Montreal, Quebec)
TEF Exam Preparation, September 2016

I signed up with French Faster and it has been a fun and effective learning experience with Nadjia. It's flexible and saves time too as all were done through Skype without the need to travel to attend classes. 

Nadjia gave lots of exercise books and audios to help me practice and work to prepare for the exam. She gave lots of homework too. I have improved tremendously especially in comprehension oral and have managed to get B2, 

and am now waiting for the result of expression oral and ecrit. 

Nadjia was also kind in continuing to touch-base with me even after the end of the course

 to find out how my exam preparation was going and how the exam had gone. 

I'd like to thank her and French Faster for helping me to achieve in my exam.

Imelda (Singapore)
TEF Exam Preparation, 2014

I sought out French Faster when I realised I had only 2-3 weeks to sit for the TEFAQ examination. 

I had just finished a month-long full-time French course that promised to take me to the level I needed 

but it was a huge disappointment and clearly a rip-off.

I had earlier seen French Faster online but was wary of the whole Skype-tutoring online set-up 

but I was at the end of my rope. I signed up for 30 hours and was paired up with Nadjia. She was incredible! 

She tutored me every morning and evening for the entire two weeks, pushed me to hammer down grammar, provided ample test-sample listening exercises and still managed to make the whole process extremely enjoyable. 

It is purely thanks to her that I scored B2 in both comprehension orale and expression orale. 

I highly recommend French Faster, whether you want to learn the language leisurely or in a short span of time. 

The value for money is incredible and the benefits far outweigh all other language courses.

Natasha F. (Montreal, Quebec)
TEFAQ Exam Preparation, April 2014

I've been with French Faster for a few months now and they've been nothing but great. 

They always make sure that I get everything I need in learning French. 

I guess it's because they have given me one of the best teachers, Amiirah. 

She's a very good teacher. She's prompt, patient, and well-organized. 

Everything a student wants in a teacher is in her

Maria Teresa Diez (Philippines)
TEFAQ Exam Preparation, 2014

Hopeless and helpless...I had nowhere to turn but to try the unknown, French Faster skype lessons. 

I thought to myself, it is a win or a loose but I had to risk it. It took me ONLY 18 hours of French to achieve A1 in Oral Comprehension and A2 in Oral Expression in the TEFAQ exam. 

I am extremely happy with my result.The teaching strategies were exceptional. 

There aren't enough words to express how thankful I am to Nageeb. The overall service was excellent.

Simone Bailey (Jamaica)
TEFAQ Test Preparation, Nov 2012

I had studied only 10 hours from Zarrina and 

during the lessons she was extremely helpful, punctual, supportive and well organized. 

The way we started the lessons and patronized the hours was an awesome approach from Zarrina. 

I got B1 in the TEFAQ Speaking test all because of her efforts and her techniques that she taught to me. 

I would highly recommend to the students to study with Zarrina in order to secure better results! 

Thanks for the support of French Faster as well.

Adil Sajjad (Saudi Arabia)
TEFAQ Exam Preparation (Quebec Immigration), 2012

I have got B1 level for Speaking and A1 for Listening for my TEFAQ test. In fact, I almost got B2 

(since the score for B2 is 270 and I got 265). Now I can go ahead to submit my file for Quebec immigration. 

I am very grateful to my teacher Zarrina for teaching me and helping me attain my objective. 

She made learning French so easy and stress-free.

 Even the examiner was impressed by my progress in such a short time. 

Thank you very much French Faster.

Niru Patel (United States)
TEFAQ Exam Preparation, 2012

I sincerely take this opportunity to thank Nageeb of French Faster Online Language School 

for his time-tested and power-packed coaching in getting me 

to progress from A2 to B1 level in the TEFaQ exam within 25 hours of sessions. 

Definitely, it was a precision surgery, transforming me from infancy to near native speaker French level. 

Learning French from Nageeb was the turning point in my learning experience. 

His natural ability to connect closely with a student is simply amazing. 

The key attributes of French Faster for my success are: 

dedication of the teacher, 

program customization and teacher adaptability, 

best communication skill, 

easily graspable rich native accent and source of genuine French phrases, 

precise lesson plan and course content to address both Expression Orale and Production Orale sections. 

I strongly recommend French Faster to all serious TEFaQ candidates. 

You will get learning materials that are much better than any TEFaQ audio/text package in the market!

Nanda Kumar (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
TEFaQ Exam Preparation (TEF for Quebec Immigration), 2012


Student Reviews of our TCF, TCFQ, TCF-ANF, TCF-DAP French course

My initial level of the french was A2 which was not enough to apply for french citizenship, 

so I had only little less than 4 weeks to prepare for B1 level. 

Nadjia was assigned to me as a teacher and i bought 40h. 

We were working 2h to 3h per day plus home works, it i was very intensive.

Nadjia is very patient and professional. She manages to explain grammar and world in a clear and simple way. 

During the course, she always stayed very positive, specially when i was very tired.

Today I have received my results: 

Comprehension Orale: B1, Comprehension ecrite: B2, 

Expression ecrite: B1, Comprehension oral: B1

Highly recommend Nadjia, specially if you are after intensive courses. 

And thank you French Faster for such a great teacher.

Bakhytgul (France)

TCF-ANF Preparation, 2021

One of my biggest challenges was how to learn French for my QSW application due to my hectic and unpredictable work schedule until I was informed by a colleague about French Faster. 

At first it was like a roller coaster due to not having a fixed professor because of my hectic schedule as well 

until Nageeb finally introduced me to Anju. 

Anju is amazing. The way she teaches and conducts the lesson is so incredible. 

She's jolly and always gets along with jokes throughout the course. 

One of her great characteristics is that she is very moving and persuading for me to learn.

 She even unselfishly gave her personal time so that we can meet half-way on a planned schedule. 

In 3 months duration of the course I acquired A2 on TCF exam particularly in listening and speaking.

 I don't stop here and will surely continue learning.

Mark Henson Ayangco (Singapore)
TCF Test Preparation, 2013

I was asked to acquire A2 levels in the TCFQ exam and I had only 4 months in hand. With an impossible deadline and my family and career responsibilities I did not think I could even appear for this exam. Until I came across French Faster.

 My tutor Arshi was simply terrific. She worked on my speaking and listening skills, identified the weak areas and focused on developing them taking into consideration the exam requirements and the time constraints.

 I thoroughly enjoyed learning French with Arshi. 

Her teaching methods made the whole preparation seem so easy and interesting that 

when the results came I was surprised to learn that I surpassed myself by getting a B1 level in speaking !! 

I want to thank Arshi and French Faster for all the support and the efficient coaching despite the challenges.

Sandy (USA)
TCFQ Test Preparation, Nov 2013

I am studying for the TCFQ exam and have completed 30 hours class with Nazia. 

The course is absolutely brilliant and totally enjoyable. The method of teaching through Skype works really well, the classes are flexible and for me, each week has been a pleasure. 

Nazia always has the answers to my questions and has a great way of explaining. 

She always makes the homework personal to me, so that it is relevant to my needs. 

I find Nazia to be warm, interesting and patient, 

we laugh a lot together and she is very motivated and encouraging. 

I would recommend this method of learning to everyone - 

you will be amazed how quickly you progress and how much fun you have in doing so.

Elizabeth Kunjumon (UK)
TCFQ Exam Preparation, Oct 2013

Nadjia has been a wonderful tutor for me. I am studying to take a B1 level exam, and I started with almost no French at all. I have tried several ways of learning - but this online style suits me very well 

- and Nadjia makes it as easy as possible. 

She has a lot of resources that help with the learning process and she is always patient 

when I don't understand something - which is almost always. 

The one on one attention cannot be duplicated in a classroom setting. 

All of my individual questions are answered and we work at a pace that I can manage - and I don't get intimidated and discouraged. I am on track to take and pass the exam, and that is only due to Nadjia. 

I highly recommend her to anyone needing to learn French.

Jeff Bass (USA)
TCF-ANF Exam Preparation, 2013

I am writing to share my TCFQ results. After all the hours I've made Avinash struggle - 

and all the efforts he has put in me - I've got: Speaking - B1 and Listening - B2. Hurray!!! ;) 

Thank you very much! It was a pleasure to study in such friendly and supportive environment and I am also really glad. My very best wishes for Avinash and French Faster!

Irina Smirnova (UK)
TCFQ Exam Preparation, April 2013

I had a great experience working with Avinash. 

He helped me prepare for TCFQ exam and later also my CSQ (Quebec immigration interview). 

I scored B2 in the TCFQ Speaking test thanks to his help 

and also cleared my Quebec immigration interview recently. 

Avinash is knowledgeable and patient.

G. Singh (New Jersey, USA)
TCFQ Test and CSQ Interview Preparation, April 2013

Great teacher. Very patient, very friendly. Helped me pass my A2 level exam with ease. 

Flexible approach, and revises thoroughly throughout the sessions. 

Would love to study more with her. Thanks Shabneez !

Muhammad Haris (Dubai, UAE)
TCFQ (TCF for Quebec Immigration), 2012

Initially I was hesitant about learning online but after meeting Nageeb and Zarrina, I had a big boost of confidence! 

I have now reached quite a good level in French. 

For those who want to achieve their objective in a short time, this is it!!! You don't need to think twice. 

I scored B1 in listening and A2 in speaking with just one month of intensive classes with Zarrina. 

The French Faster approach and teaching style are very effective, and 

the lesson content very exam-focused, the teachers very professional. 

I was well prepared to answer all questions that came out in the exam, especially the Speaking test. 

Thank you French Faster!

Malhar Padh (Australia)
TCFQ Exam Preparation, Quebec Immigration, 2012

I had to cram for the TCFQ exam in 2 months and although some people said that it's quite impossible to even get a level 1 in it, I took chances by doing online tutorials with French Faster. 

At first Nageeb was very convincing when he told me that his tutors are trained 

to prepare crammers like me for the exam. And he was right. 

He assigned me Nadjia who eventually became a good friend of mine. 

Nadjia is a very hardworking tutor who knows exactly how to prepare students for whatever they need French for. 

In 30 hours she was able to help me get a level 1 in TCFQ which is quite more difficult than DELF A1. 

So I would surely recommend French Faster, nothing is impossible with them 

and if possible ask Nadjia to be your tutor, she'll definitely help you get there.

Aimee Paner
TCFQ Exam Preparation (TCF for Quebec Immigration), 2012

I definitely enjoyed the classes with French Faster teacher, 

he is a very interesting person and a reliable teacher with great ideas! 

I feel more confident and prepared after his classes.

Polina Popova (Russia)
TCF-DAP (for Study in France), 2012


Student Reviews of our
French for Quebec Immigration course

I wanna let you guys know that Mr Nayaz did a job well done. He is an exceptional teacher. 

He thought me with a great patience. He is such a calm person. Frankly speaking, I have taking couple of classes online, but Mr Nayaz is the best teacher I have encountered. He is second to none, and I really really enjoyed my classes with him. I had the best fun learning from him right from the first class. 

I just wanna thank you guys for assigning Mr Nayaz for me, I really learn a lot from the great teacher. 

Thank you guys once more. Love French Faster. Keep it up guys! Appreciated.

Henry Sunday (China)
French for Quebec Immigration, June 2014.

It was a great experience with French Faster. 

Best effort from the tutor, Mr Nayaz, in making French language more comfortable in learning. 

Flexible in scheduling the hours in convenient time. 

Brilliant notes in disciplined manner are highly supportive... Thank you so much

Shiney Yohannan
French for Immigration to Quebec, 2013


Student Reviews of our
CSQ Interview Preparation for Quebec Immigration

I am an applicant for Canadian immigration under Quebec Skilled Worker category. 

Learning French is mandatory requirement to successfully immigrate and integrate in Quebec. 

I was short listed for a selection interview with a Quebec immigration counsellor in January 2015. 
Interview would be in French and I need to answer in complex sentences.

Initially I joined with a local French class and it was not helping, always I had difficulty with French pronunciations, and it was really confusing. So I decided to quit the class only after 5 classes even I had paid for complete beginner course.

Then I joined with French Faster on end of March, and Ms. Anju was my assigned French tutor. No words fit explain her inborn talent to teach - she is awesome, very punctual, motivating and supportive.

The very first day she identified my weakness and started with very basics. She is really patient as she helped to correct my thick south Indian accent and put all the best effort to fulfill my dream. 

She prepared me to this interview within very short period (2.5 months).
2 days back I attended the Quebec selection interview 
and successfully competed interview and received selection letter (CSQ) on the site. 

I am very thankful to Ms. Anju and French Faster for this great role in my success. 
So highly recommend Ms. Anju and Frenchfaster for those who are preparing for CSQ interview 
and with urge to learn French shorter period. Thank you once again.

Joby Samuel, Dubai, UAE
CSQ Interview Preparation for Quebec Immigration, May 2015


Student Reviews of our
INSEAD MBA Entry & Exit French Language Requirement course

The French Faster program worked very well to get me to a basic level in a very limited time frame. The lessons took me step-by-step through basic concepts and grammar and were taught in a way that made it easy to remember. 

Shabneez was friendly and flexible and the experience was tailored to my learning style as well as my hectic schedule. When exam time finally arrived, I felt confident that I would be able to perform above the requirement level, 

and in fact achieved 75% on the written portion of the exam. 

I highly recommend French Faster as a fast and economical way to fulfill the INSEAD language requirement.

M. (UK)
INSEAD MBA, Class of 2012 (December)

I could score 77% in the INSEAD Placement Test after only 38 hours of study with French Faster!!

 My goal was to pass the 3rd language basic level requirement before the studies begin. 

I contacted Alliance Française and was told that it would take at least 6 months to reach A2 level. 

Unfortunately I had no luxury of time to study this long. 

I decided to try French Faster and I could achieve my objective. 

I find the French Faster program extremely well structured and it covers all necessary topics. 

Before the session Nageeb sent to me study materials that included grammar topics, sample essays and more importantly mock tests. So I always knew where I stood and I could chart my progress. 

Nageeb is a very talented teacher: he is goal-oriented and knows exactly what and how to teach. 

He emphasizes important points, helps to prioritize, and paced the lessons to my abilities and needs. 

A wonderful learning experience altogether. Highly recommended!

Yulia Alikhanova (Ukraine)
INSEAD MBA Student, Class of 2012

Nageeb is an excellent teacher who knows exactly what is needed 

to pass the INSEAD entry and exit language requirements and to be able to converse with ease in French. 

Skype is an effective medium for language instruction and offers enormous flexibility to those who are studying and working long hours. It has been more than 10 years since I studied French at school and with a little more than 30 hours of private tuition over two months, and some independent study, I was able to comfortably pass the entrance exam. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Nageeb and would highly recommend French Faster, 

and Nageeb personally, to those who are time poor but need fast results.

Megan (Australia)
INSEAD MBA Admit (12J), 2012

When I got into INSEAD, I had not used my rudimentary French for 12+ years. 

Suffice to say, I had very little to build on, but Nadjia was confident 

I would be at the required B1 in time for the admission requirements. 

Sure enough - maintenant, je parle francais!

Andrew Wong (Singapore)
INSEAD MBA Entry Language Requirement, 2012

Like most people, I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of learning French online. 

Under Nageeb's tutelage, my French improved by leaps and bounds in the span of one month 

and I managed to successfully pass DELF B2 (upper intermediate) at 70%. 

Nageeb leveraged on my English competency and also came up with many unique learning shortcuts and techniques to help me internalize all the French grammar patterns, which were previously a nightmare for me. 

Since I relocated to France to do my MBA at INSEAD, I could converse freely and exchange ideas with the French people I met here as well as enjoy interesting French movies and novels. 

All these would not have been possible without Nageeb and French Faster. 

I strongly recommend French Faster to anyone looking to learn French in a highly effective, flexible and affordable manner. I can assure you that it will be your best investment and experience in mastering French.

Sylvia Huang (Singapore)
INSEAD MBA Student, Class of 2011

Nageeb provided a custom-fit program for me to fine-tune my French language skills 

needed to pass the entry language exam for INSEAD. 

With a short time frame, the online sessions offered the flexibility to accommodate the lessons 

and maximize the take-home learnings. 

The interactive nature of the one on one lessons helped to establish the fundamentals to succeed in all environments.

 I highly recommend French Faster to anyone!

Ashleigh Tschiltz (USA)
INSEAD MBA Student, Class of 2011

Nageeb helped me prepare for the INSEAD exit language test and I am glad to have made it through in the first attempt. Nageeb's course was a great find for me as he was super flexible to my needs 

and he knows the INSEAD format very well.

 I started the classes with some basic French knowledge from a 3 month course I had taken over a year ago. 

Nageeb was able to identify the gaps and he taught me accordingly. 

I felt our approach to the different topics was a bit scattered, 

but I guess, had I started French with him from scratch, it would have come together nicely. 

Also, as I am a working professional, Nageeb was very understanding in terms of changes in schedules etc. 

Learning over Skype is not a bad idea ... saves you a lot of money and it gets the job done!

Mayank Tripathi (India)
INSEAD MBA Class of July 2010 (Fontainebleau)


Student Reviews of our French for Expats course

As a foreigner in Paris, learning french is not easy. In daily life, people speak fast and have no patience for you to speak. To improve, I've taken different french classes in public and private schools but have very limited improvement. 

The problem is that if they can catch your idea, they won't do any efforts to correct the mistakes in pronunciation and in grammar. That is the reason for me to find a personal tutor. Lucky, I've found a really good one. How good is that? 

Until right now I spent 120 hours to learn French with her. We ran through all study notes from alphabets to future simple, wrote around 30 diaries and summary of daily news, and shared stories for improving speaking and listening. 

She always has lots of patience to help me with every single mistake I have made. This is a good experience of learning. I highly recommend French Faster and especially thanks to Aaradhana.

Chien-Chun (France)
French for Expats in France, Jan 2015

Learning French is a dream for me since childhood 

but was not that brave to take the first step till I was introduced to French Faster. 

Being a doctor, working in an busy institute I have very limited time to waste at least 2-3 hr in traffic jam every other day back and forth to private teacher or a language learning institute. 

Now I can take lessons in my room on my desk, on my bed, in the living room and anywhere I want, the point I am now more comfortable, no worries of time waste. 

Anju is so kind, patient and understanding of my needs. I like the way she teaches going with me step by step building me a strong base I can build on higher. She keeps encouraging me, correcting my mistakes in a way like a friend not like a real teacher with a stick on your head. I really feel how she wants me to earn the language properly and be like a native speaker in contrast to others. 

Thank you French Faster and special thank you to Anju.

Ashwag, Doctor moving to France (Saudi Arabia)
French for Expats in France, 2014

I had registered for 40 French lessons with Aaradhana. It has been a very good learning experience for me. 

Aaradhana has helped me identify my weaknesses and assisted me to focus and work on them, especially with pronunciations and verb conjugations . She has been very kind and patient with me. 

I genuinely appreciate her flexibility with the class schedule. 

The notes and exercises were very helpful and were very well formulated, highlighting the rules and exceptions. 

I would like to thank Aaradhana for her support and guidance during my study. 

I find my decision to take French lessons with French Faster and Aaradhana to be a very fruitful one.

Anurupa Shaw (France)
French for Expats in France, Aug 2014

I was extremely concerned about learning French online and nervous about starting any French lessons. 

As I am moving to France in a few months time, it is a necessity! 

Having just the 30 minute trial lesson with Nadjia made me realise how wrong I had been. 

In the past few weeks I have learned so much about grammar and my pronunciations are improving. 

Most importantly for me Nadjia, has given me the confidence to try and 

speak french and even to try it out on friends and family.

 I find the flexible lesson times very helpful, 

the way the sessions are tailored to your individual requirements excellent and 

Nadjia is always very friendly and approachable. 

Thus I would eagerly recommend French Faster 

to anyone looking for lessons as it is an affordable experience 

that can be fitted into anyones hectic life style.

Mrs Victoria Carr (France & Singapore)
French for Expatriates, 2011