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Our Management Team

French Faster has a very dynamic and multi-talented management team, all of us with more than 15 years of experience in the language, culture and expatriate relocation industry. 

Director: Nageeb Gounjaria

Nageeb is the Director of French Faster. Before setting up French Faster in Singapore in 2005, he managed the language training department (Asia-Pacific region) of the biggest expatriate relocation company in the world. 

Nageeb's areas of expertise include Adult Learning, Modern Teaching and Learning, and Foreign Language Pedagogy. He has lived and worked in several countries and he is also a certified Global Mobility Specialist. He has published internationally, besides conducting a lot of teacher training in Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. 

Nageeb personally interviews, selects, trains and guides our French teachers. He is responsible for the development and assessment of our learning materials as well as quality control. He is also in charge of business development and marketing.

Nageeb has an Advanced Diploma in French Language (France), a Bachelor degree in Human and Social Sciences (specialisation: Philosophy) from the International University of Malaysia and a Masters degree in Philosophy (specialisation: Language and Culture) from the National University of Singapore. 

He has native proficiency in French and English coupled with beginner/intermediate proficiency in Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Hindi, and Japanese. He splits his time mainly between Singapore and Tokyo. 

Operations Manager: Lu Chun Xia

Chunxia is the Operations Manager at French Faster. She oversees all aspects of operations, such as: team performance, client relations, class scheduling, payment issues, program assignments, drafting of contracts, etc. 

Professionally trained in mainland China and Hong Kong, Chunxia is a certified Global Mobility Specialist.  Prior to joining Frenchfaster, she was overseeing language training programs for expatriate families in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan since 2001. 

Chunxia graduated in Commercial Law. She splits her time between Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. She speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Managing Director (Japan): Matsumoto Takashi

Takashi is the Managing Director of French Faster Japan. He is based in Tokyo and he handles all our Japanese operations. 

He brings immense experience from the marketing field, having worked with one of the major advertising companies (Tokyu Agency) in Tokyo. His portfolio included big clients such as Pepsi and Calbee, among others. He has also worked for manufacturing and trading companies in Hong Kong and China. 

Takashi speaks Japanese, English, Chinese and some Tagalog. 

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