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INSEAD French Language Placement Test Preparation

INSEAD students need to satisfy an Entry Language Requirement (second language) and also an Exit Language Requirement (third language) as per the INSEAD Language Policy

Our French Language Preparation Course is perfect for students looking for a no-nonsense crash course at minimum cost, in the shortest time, with minimum effort

Why choose French Faster?

Frenchfaster uses a proven accelerated learning method to help you learn French faster and smarter. This method has been developed by multilingual language expert Nageeb Gounjaria after 20 years of teaching some of the best and brightest students all over the world. 

This is how Frenchfaster gets you there faster and smarter:

  • We use English to teach French so that you can understand the logic of the French language easily. 
  • Our tutors are bilingual in French and English. They can teach French through comparison with English.
  • We have created rules where they don't exist as shortcuts to remember grammar points. 
  • We are metrics-driven, we work with level-based vocabulary lists so that learning is not endless.
  • We have compiled a huge database of past exam questions. 
  • We know exactly how these tests/exams are marked and what questions will most likely be given.

Avoid amateur tutors, learn from the professionals!

Our no-nonsense French course...the bare minimum

At French Faster, we have prepared close to a hundred students to pass the French Language Placement Test. We understand very well that INSEAD MBA students simply want to meet a graduation requirement.

We know most of you have other priorities rather than learning French, a language you might hardly use. 

We know you are very busy all the time: with work before admission, with assignments during the MBA program, with job search and interviews towards the end of the program, and with their new job after graduation.  

As language experts, we know what is needed as the bare minimum to pass any of the French language tests. We can guarantee that no one does it better than Frenchfaster! 

Check the Student Testimonials from previous INSEAD students.

French Language Tests (Entry and Exit Requirement)

You can satisfy the INSEAD Entry and Exit Requirement by sitting for any of the French language exams/tests below to show proof of proficiency in French language. 


French language tests recognised by INSEAD:

1. DELF A2 Exam - This is appropriate to meet the Exit Language Requirement. 

Download: DELF A2 Exam Summary

Download: DELF A2 Syllabus

Download: DELF A2 Past Papers

Dowload: DELF A2 Preparation Course 

2. DELF B1 Exam - This is appropriate to meet the Entry Language Requirement. 

Download: DELF B1 Exam Summary

Download: DELF B1 Syllabus

Download: DELF B1 Past Papers

Download: DELF B1 Preparation Course 

3. FL&C French Language Placement Test - This test has to be taken at the INSEAD campus.

Download: FL&C French Placement Test Summary

Download: FL&C French Placement Test Syllabus

Download: FL&C French Test Past Papers

Download: FL&C French Test Preparation Course 

4. ACFTL French 

Preparation for the INSEAD Placement Test

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