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French Faster

Learn French Online: from 12 euros/hour

French Crash Course Online

French Crash Course Online is indeed our best-selling program! It is what Frenchfaster does best: helping students to "Learn French Faster, Smarter and Cheaper", true to our motto.

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Course Description

·   Program Duration: Depends on your specific needs (exams, travel, school tests, interview, etc).

·   Select one of our packages [4h~40h]


The Frenchfaster Difference: Accelerated Learning

·       We aren’t just another school: we created a unique Accelerated Learning Method that really works!

·       You can check out the Student Testimonials on our website – we’ve turned skeptics into believers!

·       Our accelerated learning method (Frenchfaster Method) is based on 3 solid pedagogical principles:

Constructivism (we build on and transfer from what you already know, e.g. English vocab and syntax)

Participative Learning: We make the student an active agent in the learning process.

Learner-centered Teaching: We teach according the needs and learning style of the student.


How fast can you learn with us?

 We help you learn French in the shortest possible time.





Lower Beginner


60-100 hours

30-40 hours

Upper Beginner


150-200 hours

40-60 hours

Lower Intermediate


350-400 hours

60-80 hours

Upper Intermediate


550-650 hours

80-120 hours

Lower Advanced


800-950 hours

160-220 hours

Upper Advanced


>1000 hours

220-260 hours


How does it work?

·   We reach an agreement with you on the days and time for the French lessons.

·   We assign one of our tutors to you (you can also request for anyone that you prefer on our website).

·   Your tutor will send you the learning materials to be printed and used for the class by email.

·   You and your tutor meet online on Skype at the agreed time for the class.


Advantages of our online Crash Course

·   You can study in the comfort of your own home, without wasting time in commuting to the school.

·   You can take classes from Mon-Sun, anytime of the day: early mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights.

·   For a private one-to-one French lesson, it is very cheap. You’ll pay 2~3 times higher elsewhere!

·   You have the full, undivided attention of your French tutor.

·   You have maximum opportunity to speak French and correct your French pronunciation in class!


Face to face lesson on Skype with a French tutor

·   The program is delivered online through Skype with a ‘live’ private tutor.

·   This is not pre-recorded video lessons where you do self-study, without any proper guidance.  

·   You can interact with your tutor as in face-to-face. The teacher will use audio, video and chat for the class.

·   To take this lesson, you need: a computer, a good internet connection, a speaker and a webcam (optional).

·   Skype is free and easy to install and use. To download SKYPE into your PC :

·   We can assist you to install Skype if you need any technical assistance.


Free Learning Materials

·   We provide all our learning materials for FREE. You will not need to buy any books.

·   These are sent to you as pdf and audio files (in email attachments) a few days before the lesson.

·   These learning materials are specifically designed for interactive online learning.

·   You will need to download and print out the lesson notes.  


Our French Tutors

·   All our French tutors are native French speakers from Mauritius. They are bilingual in French and English.

·   They have higher diplomas/degrees in French language and have more than 3 years teaching experience.

·   They are trained on the Frenchfaster Method to teach children, school students and adults.


Class duration, Days and Time

·   You can take French classes from Monday to Sunday, from 9am to 2am (Singapore time).    

·   Possible class duration minus break time: 1h (55 min) | 1.5h (1h25) | 2h (1h50) | 3h (2h45)

·   You can also decide the days/time and also how many times you wish to have classes in a week.

·   All lessons have to be scheduled in advance, with a 2-day advance notice.

·   Give us a few options and we will let you know if your preferred slots are available.


Free Trial Lesson & Registration

·   If you are curious to give this a try, you can take our free 25-min trial lesson. 

·   We need 2-3 days advance notice to set up a trial lesson.

·   To book a free trial lesson, send us  an email with the following details:

(a) Your name

(b) Your spoken languages

(c) Your current level in French

(d) Any previous French learning experience (school attended, books used, self-study, etc)

(e) Preferred day/time for trial lesson & regular classes if you register

(f) Your current location (country, city)

(g) Your contact details (mobile phone & Skype ID)

(h) Package you wish to take if you register



After a trial lesson, if you wish to register, you need to tell us the package you have chosen.

We will send you an Invoice with our payment details.  

You can then make payment to our account, and send us a proof of payment to start your French classes. 


Download our Brochure

Download Brochure for French Crash Course Online


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