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French Teacher Jobs, Vacancies - Mauritius

Emploi, Recrutement, Poste de Professeur de français à l'Ile Maurice. 

French teacher jobs, vacancy in Mauritius. French tutors needed to teach French to English speakers

We are looking for teachers from Mauritius to teach French as a French as a Foreign Language (Français Langue Etrangère, FLE) to our students (mainly English-speaking) worldwide. 

All classes are taught online via Skype, so you must have a good internet connection (minimum 1MB). 

Freelance position, one-year renewable contract, good hourly rate. 

Who we are 

French Faster is a top-quality Online French Language School. Established in 2005

We specialise in teaching French as a Foreign Language (Français Langue Etrangère, FLE). 

Our students are based in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia, Russia, North & South America. 

We teach students of all ages (kids, teenagers, adults), levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and learning purposes (personal interest, school exams, university entrance, work, business, immigration, etc). 

French Faster has a big vision, a talented team, and a high-energy culture. 

We keep growing year after year, especially through referrals from parents and students. 

What we are looking for

French teachers who value being part of a group that innovates, brainstorms, works together as a team.

French teachers who have the knowledge, the talent and the passion to teach people all over the world.
French teachers who are well-organised and disciplined, and know how to prioritise.
French teachers who have good work ethics - we need people who value work as something sacred!

We are only interested in teachers who can commit at least 10 HOURS/WEEK.

We only want to hear from applicants who are mature and have a lot of common sense.

We only hire teachers with a REGULAR SCHEDULE who can commit for minimum ONE YEAR.

We will only consider teachers with native proficiency in French and a good level of English. 

We conduct business in English and it is the language that most of our customers speak. 



  • You do not have A or B for your SC & HSC result (even if you have a Bachelor or Master degree in French)
  • You have applied for a local supply teacher position and you might get called anytime. 
  • You do not have a quiet working space free from noise and disturbance (phone calls, kids, parents, etc)
  • You are less than 24 years old. We prefer to work with mature teachers.
  • You do not check your mails regularly, and you are not prompt with email replies.
  • You are unable to prevent your personal issues (sickness, kids, lover, etc) from interfering with your work. 

Profile of the Ideal Candidate

  • Native proficiency in French language (above C2 level).
  • A standard accent with no strong regional influence.
  • Excellent communication skills in both French and English (written and spoken). 
  • Degree in French language, French literature, Translation, Journalism, Philosophy preferred.
  • Passionate about languages; Creative, Fun and Energetic.
  • Presentable, Mature, Positive-minded, Hardworking, Good mannered
  • Responsible, Friendly, Open-minded and Culturally-sensitive.
  • Non-confrontational and Uncomplicated.
  • Computer-savvy, comfortable with the use of technology.
  • Easily reachable and fast with email and phone response.
  • Mature female candidates preferred.
  • Minimum age requirement: 24+
  • We give preference to those who want to have it like a full-time job with maximum teaching hours. 

Class format

  • Online one-to-one private lesson
  • Online two-to-one group lesson (we do not teach more than 2 students in a class)  

Job Responsibilities

  • Teach FLE to our students using our Accelerated Learning method.
  • Select and use appropriate learning materials.
  • Make appropriate lesson plans based on student needs
  • Create new learning materials for individual needs.
  • Assess students’ level during trial lessons.
  • Provide oral and, if necessary, written feedback to students.
  • Provide progress reports to parents on a regular basis.  
  • Prepare students for various exams (DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF, TFI, IB, GCE, GCSE, IGCSE, VCE, CBSE)
  • Carry out relevant administrative tasks related to teaching: emails, reports, etc.
  • Attend relevant program-specific training & briefing as and when required.
  • Be a positive ambassador for French Faster.

Our students

  • Primary and Secondary school students (6~18 years old).
  • Adults immigrating or relocating to French-speaking countries.
  • Children, Teenagers and Adults leaning French for fun.
  • Expatriate families based in French-speaking countries.
  • Airlines, healthcare, luxury goods and F&B industry employees.
  • University students taking French an elective subject.
  • Students learning French to study in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Quebec, etc.

Working Conditions

  • Freelance part-time position. 
  • Work from home (you need to have a proper work space free from noise and disturbance).
  • Classes can be between 1h, 1.5h, 2h and 3h duration.
  • You choose the days and time that you wish to teach at your convenience and availability.  
  • You inform us in advance of days/time that you are not available for classes through a Teacher Schedule. 
  • You submit your Salary Report to us on the 23rd of the month. 
  • We pay by Bank transfer to your local bank account on the 28th of the month.  


  • Competitive hourly rate depending on level taught (A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2).
  • Earn as much as you want by taking maximum teaching hours based on your availability/convenience. 


  • Send us your CV + a recent Photo + Cover Letter (with details of current location and Skype ID). 
  • Subject line of your mail must be: (Your name)/MU/Job Application 
  • Include a scanned copy of your SC, HSC and university results (we need full details)
  • Send complete application to:

Incomplete application will be automatically rejected. Only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

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