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French in Lieu of MTL FAQs

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from parents. We will keep adding to this list. 

A. Payment and Fees

1. Do I need to pay any registration fees?

No, you don't. French Faster does not charge any registration fees. 

2. Can I pay using credit card or Paypal? 

Yes, you can pay using Credit card or Paypal. Do note there is an extra 4.4% charge - this extra fee goes to the Credit Card or Paypal as their service charge, we do not receive it. 

3. Do I need to buy any books separately? 

No, you don't need to buy any books. We provide all the learning materials for this course. 

4. Is there any discount if I register 2 kids? 

Yes, we do have 2 siblings discount. Please see details here:

B. Enrolment & Proof of Enrolment

1. When can I get the proof of enrolment (course registration letter)?

Within ONE working day with proper submission of the Proof of Payment. 

A valid proof of payment will include the following: name of student, payment date and amount paid. 

2. Do you send the proof of enrolment to MOE?

No, we don't. We only give you the Course Registration Letter.  

It is YOUR responsibility to submit to MOE or your child's school

3. Our request for MTL exemption (i.e. Approval to take a Foreign Language in lieu of Mother Tongue) has been rejected by the MOE. Can we still register in your course?

Yes, you can still register. Actually, it is not uncommon for MOE to reject a request for exemption the first time it is made. Some parents will register their child in our program for a term while the child is still doing Chinese at school. If the child feel they can do better in French, we can issue them a Progress Report to support their application for a second request for exemption with MOE. 

C. Classes

1. Do you offer face-to-face lessons?

No, we only provide lessons online with a private tutor via Skype. It is as effective as face-to-face lessons. 

2. Can I use a WIFI connection? 

You can if your WIFI connection is very stable. Otherwise, we strongly recommend that you use a cable connection to avoid bad call quality and frequent call drops.

3. How often does my child need to attend classes? 

There are 10 classes in a Term and 4 Terms in a year - a total of 40 classes (the minimum requirement).

There's 1 class per week, each class lasting for 55 minutes (Primary) or 1 hour & 25 minutes (Secondary).

Additional classes are charged at a discounted rate: SGD20/hour.  

4. I have 2 kids who are 6 and 12 years old. Can they have the class together? 

We only group children of similar age and levels together. Otherwise the class is not effective. 

5. Is it compulsory for a parent to attend the class?

We recommend parental attendance or supervision for children between 6-7 years old in case they need assistance during class. One of the parents can attend for free. 

6. Do you provide classes during the school holidays?

Generally, we follow the Singapore School system for the convenience of students and parents who might take a break or go on vacation. However, our teachers still work during Term breaks (they have other students to teach). So in case you wish to take classes during the Term breaks, please arrange with the teacher assigned to you directly. If the teacher is not available, we can assign a replacement teacher to you during that period. 

D. Tests, Exams & Certificates

1. Are there exams and assessments? 

Yes, your child will have a Term Assessment (at the end of each Term) and also a Final Exam at the end of the school year. 

2. When do I get a certificate of attendance? 

We provide a Certifcate of Attendance to all students at the end of the Calendar Year (i.e. December or January). We do not issue a certificate for each Term - the Course Registration Letter issued to you when you register for each Term is sufficient for MOE requirement.