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Interesting Facts about France: Politics

1. World's first universal declaration of human rights

The French 'Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen' of 1789 is the world's first universal declaration of human rights, applying not only to French citizens or "free men" (as opposed to slaves), but to all people in the world.

2. Form of government changed 9 times

France has changed its form of government 9 times since 1789, including 5 republics, 2 empires and 2 constitutional monarchies.

3. Second largest colonial empire

France ruled over the second largest colonial empire in the world (after Britain) from the late 19th-century to the 1960's, controlling 8.6% of the world's land area.

4. Possibility to marry a deceased person

In France, in exceptional cases it is possible to marry a deceased person with the authorisation of the President of the Republic.

5. Highest wealth tax in Europe

France has the highest wealth tax of any European country.

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