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What is the DELF exam? 

DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française) is an official certification of French language proficiency for non-native speakers of French. The exam is administered by the CIEP (Centre International d'Etudes Pedagogiques) on behalf of the French Ministry of National Education. 

DELF is equivalent to a French language diploma and it is valid for life. 

DELF Levels

DELF is based on the CEFR Levels - a global reference or measure to determine proficiency level in French language. The 4 DELF exams are shown below:  

What skills are tested in the DELF exam?

The DELF exam tests all 4 language skills: 

  • Reading - Comprehension écrite 
  • Listening - Comprehension orale 
  • Writing - Production écrite
  • Speaking - Production orale 

What is the pass mark for the DELF exam? 

The total pass mark required is 50%. For each skill (test paper), the minimum pass mark is 5/25, failing which the diploma will not be awarded to the student. 

Where can we take the DELF exam?

The DELF exam can be taken in most countries of the world. It cannot be taken online; it has to be taken under strict examination conditions at an accredited test centre such as the Alliance Francaise or Institut Francais

DELF Levels