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DELF A1 Vocabulary

Based on the DELF A1 Syllabus, here's a list of DELF A1 Vocabulary Topics that you are expected to know. 

1.   Alphabet 

2.   Numbers

3.   Family name & Given Name

4.   Residence

5.   Personal items

6.   Classroom objects

7.   Nationalities

8.   Professions

9.   Marital status (married / single)

10. Countries & Cities

11.  Hobbies

12.  Family

13.  Time

14.  Prices

15.  Weather / Climate

16.  Date

17.  Days of the week

18.  Descriptions (small, big, old, young, etc)

19.  Colours

20.  Seasons

21.  Places

1.   L'alphabet

2.   Les nombres

3.   Les noms et prénoms

4.   L’adresse

5.   Les objets personnels

6.   Les objets de la classe

7.   Les nationalités

8.   Les professions

9.   L’état civile (marié / célibataire)

10. Les pays & les villes

11. Les loisirs

12. La famille proche

13. L'heure

14. Les prix

15. La météo / le climat

16. La date

17. Les jours de la semaine
18. Les descriptions (petit, grand, vieux, jeune, etc)
19. Les couleurs
20. Les saisons
21. Les lieux

After completing the DELF A1 level course, you should be able to accomplish the following: 

  • Greet people
  • Talk about yourself
  • Talk about where you live
  • Talk about the people you know
  • Engage in a simple buy-and-sell situation
  • Ask about the day, the time and the date
  • Read simple notices, posters and catalogues
  • Fill in a simple form
  • Write a simple postcard  

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