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Here some Testimonials from past students who have taken French language tuition from French Faster. They include students in various programs such as: DELF, DALF, TCF, TCFQ, TCF-DAP, TEF, TEFAQ, INSEAD Placement Test, French in lieu of Mother Tongue in Singapore; VCE French exam, IGCSE, GCSE, GCE O Level, etc. 

Quotes One of my biggest challenges was how to learn French for my QSW application due to my hectic and unpredictable work schedule until I was informed by a colleague about French Faster. At first it was like a roller coaster due to not having a fixed professor because of my hectic schedule as well until Nageeb finally introduced me to Anju. Anju is amazing. The way she teaches and conducts the lesson is so incredible. She's jolly and always gets along with jokes throughout the course. One of her great characteristics is that she is very moving and persuading for me to learn. She even unselfishly gave her personal time so that we can meet half-way on a planned schedule. In 3 months duration of the course I acquired A2 on TCF exam particularly in listening and speaking. I don't stop here and will surely continue learning. Quotes
Mark Henson Ayangco
TCF Test, Singapore, 2013

Quotes I was asked to acquire A2 levels in the TCFQ exam and I had only 4 months in hand. With an impossible deadline and my family and career responsibilities I did not think I could even appear for this exam. Until I came across French Faster. My tutor Arshi was simply terrific. She worked on my speaking and listening skills, identified the weak areas and focused on developing them taking into consideration the exam requirements and the time constraints. I thoroughly enjoyed learning French with Arshi. Her teaching methods made the whole preparation seem so easy and interesting that when the results came I was surprised to learn that I surpassed myself by getting a B1 level in speaking !! I want to thank Arshi and French Faster for all the support and the efficient coaching despite the challenges. Quotes
TCFQ, US, Nov 2013

Quotes I am studying for the TCFQ exam and have completed 30 hours class with Nazia. The course is absolutely brilliant and totally enjoyable. The method of teaching through Skype works really well, the classes are flexible and for me, each week has been a pleasure. Nazia always has the answers to my questions and has a great way of explaining. She always makes the homework personal to me, so that it is relevant to my needs. I find Nazia to be warm, interesting and patient, we laugh a lot together and she is very motivated and encouraging. I would recommend this method of learning to everyone - you will be amazed how quickly you progress and how much fun you have in doing so. Quotes
Elizabeth Kunjumon
TCFQ, UK, Oct 2013

Quotes I wanted to write the DELF A2 exam before I was admitted to INSEAD, and by the time I started studying I only had 3 weeks before the test. I had studied some French in high school and university but hadn't really used it in almost 10 years so understandably I was a little rusty. I worked with Shabneez at French Faster for just 15 hrs over that 3 week period, and she was really friendly and helpful. I was traveling a lot for work at the time and was able to attend lessons in multiple cities (and once in the airport) and French Faster is great at accommodating that kind of flexibility. After working with Shabneez I scored 96.5/100 on the A2 exam. If you're thinking about brushing up your French, I'd highly recommend French Faster as it's convenient, flexible, and easy. Quotes

Quotes Nadjia has been a wonderful tutor for me. I am studying to take a B1 level exam, and I started with almost no French at all. I have tried several ways of learning - but this online style suits me very well - and Nadjia makes it as easy as possible. She has a lot of resources that help with the learning process and she is always patient when I don't understand something - which is almost always. The one on one attention cannot be duplicated in a classroom setting. All of my individual questions are answered and we work at a pace that I can manage - and I don't get intimidated and discouraged. I am on track to take and pass the exam, and that is only due to Nadjia. I highly recommend her to anyone needing to learn French. Quotes
Jeff Bass
TCF-ANF Program, US, 2013

Quotes Arshi is a wonderful tutor. She is funny, encouraging and understanding, without losing the eye for results. Learning French from her is a real bonus. Practising and learning with her, my understanding and communication in French improves tremendously. I highly recommend Arshi as a French tutor! Quotes
Lim Hui Meng
Adult Learner, Singapore, 2013

Quotes I want to thank you so much for your help during my DELF A2 test preparation! Moozaina was especially helpful in making sure that I learned all the required material for my test. Here is the great news: I passed my test with a superb score! Quotes
Jing G.
DELF A2 (INSEAD Exit Requirement, 2013)

Quotes I am writing to share my TCFQ results. After all the hours I've made Avinash struggle - and all the efforts he has put in me - I've got: Speaking - B1 and Listening - B2. Hurray!!! ;) Thank you very much! It was a pleasure to study in such friendly and supportive environment and I am also really glad. My very best wishes for Avinash and French Faster! Quotes
Irina Smirnova (UK)
TCFQ, April 2013

Quotes I had a great experience working with Avinash. He helped me prepare for TCFQ exam and later also my CSQ (Quebec immigration interview). I scored B2 in the TCFQ Speaking test thanks to his help and also cleared my Quebec immigration interview recently. Avinash is knowledgeable and patient. Quotes
G. Singh (New Jersey, US)
TCFQ Test and CSQ Interview, April 2013

Quotes My daughter and myself passed DELF A1 exam given last Nov 26, 2012. And we have our French tutor, Nadjia to thank for that. She makes the lessons less intimidating and more fun. Not only that, she is also patient with us and accommodates all our questions. She guides us on how to pronounce French words correctly, how and when to use the accent, gives us tips to remember conjugations and grammar and the ever confusing feminine and masculine words. She is definitely good with kids given her happy disposition and bubbly personality. My daughter is a bit shy but she is able to draw her out and encourage her participate and speak quite confidently. As for myself, I learn through sitting-in my daughter's lessons (which really I never thought is possible). But Nadjia, being such a wonderful tutor, she somehow to motivates me to learn as well. That's one advantage of learning with French Faster. Being an online lesson, both the child and parent can attend without the extra cost for the parent Quotes
Jasmine & Aeole Montero
Mother & Child Program, Singapore
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