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Here some Testimonials from past students who have taken French language tuition from French Faster. They include students in various programs such as: DELF, DALF, TCF, TCFQ, TCF-DAP, TEF, TEFAQ, INSEAD Placement Test, French in lieu of Mother Tongue in Singapore; VCE French exam, IGCSE, GCSE, GCE O Level, etc. 

Quotes I had to take the DELF A2 exam as graduation requirement for INSEAD. Although I spent a year in France going to school, I spoke English and took a total of 6 weeks of classes on and off in Paris. But my French was very rusty and I had to start from scratch. I had 2.5 months before my exam so I signed up for French Faster with Anju, taking 2-3 hours a week. I had no time outside our sessions to practice French. She was patient, guiding me every week to fully understand the basics, helping me be more confident in my speaking, listening, writing and comprehension. Even when I freaked out a couple days before my exam, she was incredibly supportive. She has amazing energy and made each class engaging. I would recommend her to anyone that needs to pass an exam in a short period of time. I just received my results and went far beyond the minimum to pass, with a perfect score in comprehension. I'm so happy with my results that I may sign up to take the B1 exam next year. Quotes
Heui Jin Jo
INSEAD MBA, Jan 2015

Quotes When my daughter started P1 last year, she took French as Mother Tongue as it is the language we speak at home. We decided to enrol her for French courses and we chose E-learning with French Faster for the flexibility and the low cost. It is now almost 2 years than our daughter is having weekly French courses with Arshi and we are really satisfied. Arshi is a very friendly, reliable and patient teacher who manages to keep my daughter?s attention the entire course. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a French tutor for your kids. Quotes
Stephanie T.
French for Kids/French in lieu of MT, Singapore, 2014

Quotes Learning French is a dream for me since childhood but was not that brave to take the first step till I was introduced to French Faster. Being a doctor, working in an busy institute I have very limited time to waste at least 2-3 hr in traffic jam every other day back and forth to private teacher or a language learning institute. Now I can take lessons in my room on my desk, on my bed, in the living room and anywhere I want, the point I am now more comfortable, no worries of time waste. Anju is so kind, patient and understanding of my needs. I like the way she teaches going with me step by step building me a strong base I can build on higher. She keeps encouraging me, correcting my mistakes in a way like a friend not like a real teacher with a stick on your head. I really feel how she wants me to earn the language properly and be like a native speaker in contrast to others. Thank you French Faster and special thank you to Anju. Quotes
Ashwag (Saudi Arabia)
Doctor moving to France

Quotes I signed up with French Faster and it has been a fun and effective learning experience with Nadjia. It's flexible and saves time too as all were done through Skype without the need to travel to attend classes. Nadjia gave lots of exercise books and audios to help me practice and work to prepare for the exam. She gave lots of homework too. I have improved tremendously especially in comprehension oral and have managed to get B2, and am now waiting for the result of expression oral and ecrit. Nadjia was also kind in continuing to touch-base with me even after the end of the course to find out how my exam preparation was going and how the exam had gone. I'd like to thank her and French Faster for helping me to achieve in my exam. Quotes
TEF Test, 2014, Singapore

Quotes I can unequivocally say that Nadjia is a phenomenal teacher, and the best foreign language teacher I have ever known. She made learning French easy, fun and stress-free. In spite of having only 4 weeks' time for preparing for my DELF B1 test, she made the entire journey so smooth and hurdle-free for me. Whenever I used to get panic she would calm me down and show her confidence in me by saying soothing words like she believes in me that I'll make it for sure. I feel she used to do more homework for me than myself. Even after class she would prepare lessons for me, and think in every aspect what can be done so that I can achieve my desired grades in exams. She's a wonderful teacher, inspiring human being and a humble person. She's among few those people with whom you would like to be in touch forever. Thanks a lot Nadjia for being there for me, take care. Quotes
Dr Pooja Malik (Pedodontist)
DELF B1, India, Sep 2014

Quotes I had registered for 40 French lessons with Reshma. It has been a very good learning experience for me. Reshma has helped me identify my weaknesses and assisted me to focus and work on them, especially with pronunciations and verb conjugations . She has been very kind and patient with me. I genuinely appreciate her flexibility with the class schedule. The notes and exercises were very helpful and were very well formulated, highlighting the rules and exceptions. I would like to thank Reshma for her support and guidance during my study. I find my decision to take French lessons with French Faster and Reshma to be a very fruitful one. Quotes
Anurupa Shaw
Adult Learner, France, Aug 2014

Quotes I wanna let you guys know that Mr Nayaz did a job well done. He is an exceptional teacher. He thought me with a great patience. He is such a calm person. Frankly speaking, I have taking couple of classes online, but Mr Nayaz is the best teacher I have encountered. He is second to none, and I really really enjoyed my classes with him. I had the best fun learning from him right from the first class. I just wanna thank you guys for assigning Mr Nayaz for me, I really learn a lot from the great teacher. Thank you guys once more. Love French Faster. Keep it up guys! Appreciated. Quotes
Henry Sunday
French for Quebec Immigration, China, June 2014.

Quotes I sought out French Faster when I realised I had only 2-3 weeks to sit for the TEFAQ examination. I had just finished a month-long full-time French course that promised to take me to the level I needed but it was a huge disappointment and clearly a rip-off. I had earlier seen FrenchFaster online but was wary of the whole Skype-tutoring online set-up but I was at the end of my rope. I signed up for 30 hours and was paired up with Nadjia. She was incredible! She tutored me every morning and evening for the entire two weeks, pushed me to hammer down grammar, provided ample test-sample listening exercises and still managed to make the whole process extremely enjoyable. It is purely thanks to her that I scored B2 in both comprehension orale and expression orale. I highly recommend French Faster, whether you want to learn the language leisurely or in a short span of time. The value for money is incredible and the benefits far outweigh all other language courses. Quotes
Natasha F.
TEFAQ, Montreal, April 2014

Quotes Ms Amiirah is an amiable tutor whom my daughter Arianne is attending her FIMT lessons. She is a tolerant teacher and demonstrates passion in teaching the language, although my daughter is a bit slow in catching up with the lessons. After few on-line sessions, my daughter had showed improvements in focusing with her lessons with the help of Ms Amiirah. For me, French Faster is providing an easy way for students like my daughter, to learn the French Language. Being an on-line course it is convenient as they provide learning at the comfort of the student's home. Quotes
Ronaldo Olaes
Parent, French in lieu of MT, Singapore, 2014

Quotes I've been with French Faster for a few months now and they've been nothing but great. They always make sure that I get everything I need in learning French. I guess it's because they have given me one of the best teachers, Amiirah. She's a very good teacher. She's prompt, patient, and well-organized. Everything a student wants in a teacher is in her. Quotes
Maria Teresa Diez
TEFAQ Preparation, Philippines, 2014
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