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Here some Testimonials from past students who have taken French language tuition from French Faster. They include students in various programs such as: DELF, DALF, TCF, TCFQ, TCF-DAP, TEF, TEFAQ, INSEAD Placement Test, French in lieu of Mother Tongue in Singapore; VCE French exam, IGCSE, GCSE, GCE O Level, etc. 

Quotes Ms Shazia is a great experienced teacher. She's very patient and helpful in giving my son Mee Ghel a good understanding of the language. I really appreciate the way she teaches as she explains French pronunciation clearly. I just want to say thank you. My son enjoys his classes and he has a lot of fun during the hours of French conversation. Quotes
Rey Fetalvero, Parent of Mee Ghel
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Singapore, 2016

Quotes Rozeedah has been teaching my 2 children aged 10 and 8 for 8 weeks now. In that short space of time, the children have learnt a lot from her. She is patient with them,especially my son who struggles to sit still for an hour. Her lessons are interactive and she follows a tight syllabus, where the children are taught not just how to converse in French but also elementary aspects like parts of speech. She engages the children by trying to relate the French she teaches them to their everyday life. I sit in with them for their lessons and even I have learnt a lot from her. We look forward to learning more French from Rozeedah. Quotes
Mrs Mary Grosvenor, Parent of Isabella and Ethan Grosvenor
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Singapore, 2016

Quotes Avinash my son was studying in IB year 1 when he needed some help with French Ab Initio his SL subject. Then we came across Rozeedah a French teacher ... a great tutor and a wonderful person. She guided my son through his difficulties in French Ab Initio and he gained confidence. His performance improved under her patient guidance. We are very thankful to Rozeedah for help and support because of which my son fared so well in his IB exams and secured a place in an esteemed University in Singapore. Quotes
Kavita Gurnani (Singapore)
Parent of IB Student

Quotes I have been dealing with Nadja for about a year and a half for learning French. Nadja makes the French language more interesting for me. I love her nice way to explain things for me with lots of patience. i learned a lot from her as being new in learning French. I highly recommend French Faster to any one who wants to learn French, especially with my teacher Nadja. Quotes
Laila (Saudi Arabia)
French for Beginners, Adult, 2016

Quotes Magical Anju helped me go from B1 to B2, in TEFAQ Listening exam, within 14 hours!! When I came to French Faster, I had attempted the TEFAQ listening exam already 3 times with the same result: B1. I'm from India, staying in Montreal for the last 3 years and was taking private coaching for French ~6 hours a week. That had helped me to reach from 0 to B1 level within 9 months. 3 days before my 4th scheduled exam, Anju taught me 3 classes of 2h each in the next 2 days. After these 6h, the result was still B1. It was like a frustrating glass ceiling for me. The next exam gave me some more time in between and Anju convinced me for taking another 8h of classes. I also felt like I haven't given French Faster a fair chance with only 6h. I took another 8h package and this time after Anju's numerous grueling listening exercise, I finally achieved "B2". I would like to thank Anju and French Faster from the bottom of my heart, for taking my ship through to the last dreaded mile in the journey. Quotes
Sankalp Sachdeva (Montreal, Quebec)
TEF Preparation, September 2016

Quotes Ms Anju was a great support to my son Adithya while he was preparing for the French IGCSE exam. Her patience and her friendly nature helped him overcome his reluctance to speak in French. The worksheets and the audio clips she used for practice made him confident and helped him score A* with 95 percentile in the exam. Quotes
Reshma Prasad
Parent of Aditya Prasad, IGCSE, Aug 2016

Quotes As a foreigner in Paris, learning french is not easy. In daily life, people speak fast and have no patience for you to speak. To improve, I've taken different french classes in public and private schools but have very limited improvement. The problem is that if they can catch your idea, they won't do any efforts to correct the mistakes in pronunciation and in grammar. That is the reason for me to find a personal tutor. Lucky, I've found a really good one. How good is that? Until right now I spent 120 hours to learn French with her. We ran through all study notes from alphabets to future simple, wrote around 30 diaries and summary of daily news, and shared stories for improving speaking and listening. She always has lots of patience to help me with every single mistake I have made. This is a good experience of learning. I highly recommend French Faster and especially thanks to Reshma. Quotes
Chien-Chun (France)
Adult Learner, Jan 2015

Quotes This serves as a recommendation for Teacher Arshi, my 2 daughters' French tuition teacher for the past 3 years. She has been an effective and patient teacher and my daughters look forward to having lessons with her. She is considerate, nice and explains lessons very well. Over the years, I have indeed seen my girls learn to appreciate French language and in fact, look forward to travel to the country and are excited to be able to progress further in their lessons. We are certain that Teacher Arshi will continue to be successful in any future teaching endeavours. Quotes
Dr. Othello Raymond S. Dave III
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Feb 2015

Quotes I was so happy that I immediately found French Faster when I was searching for a French tuition for my child. Knowing that it is an online teaching, I became interested as it was more convenient on my part. My child did not need to go anywhere. The payment of fees was easy. I just needed to pay via bank transfer, send the proof of payment, and that was it. No hassle at all! As for the teacher, we had Ms. Wenda. She has been teaching him for around two years now. Starting from scratch, he can now able to understand some of the French words and common phrases. I want to commend her for being so patient and understanding with my son. During lessons, she spoke in French and type the words for better understanding. Their notes were sent through email before the start of the lesson, sometimes with very nice illustrations. My son likes her very much. I highly recommend French Faster for students who are taking their third language in lieu of mother tongue. Quotes
Chris Gaetos (Parent)
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Nov 2014

Quotes I am father of two children (currently in IB Year 2 and Class 8), my children are attending French classes through French Faster and their teacher is Ms. Rozeedah. Ms. Rozeedah is teaching my eldest child since 2009, under her tutelage my eldest child is able to pass IGCSE French paper (as 2nd language) with A* and continue to take up French as 2nd language in IB diploma course. We are very happy with Ms. Rozeedah coaching and her dedication towards teaching. She has demonstrated lot of passion towards teaching and went extra mile in clarifying the doubts, even during weekends. Ms. Rozeedah's help gave us lot of confidence in her as well as in French Faster (as an organization), which led us to change my second child's 2nd language to French, under the tutelage of Ms. Rozeedah. We strongly recommend Ms. Rozeedah to whoever want help in learning French. Quotes
Sampath Dharmapalan (Parent)
IGCSE French, Nov 2014
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