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AP French Language and Culture Themes

The AP French Language and Culture Test covers the following themes and sub themes: 

  • Global Challenges
  • Science and Technology
  • Contemporary Life
  • Personal and Public Identities
  • Families and Communities
  • Beauty and Aesthetics

  • Theme 1: Global Challenges / Les défis mondiaux

  • Diversity Issues / La tolérance
  • Economic Issues / L’économie
  • Environmental Issues / L’environnement
  • Health Issues / La santé
  • Human Rights / Les droits de l’être humain
  • Nutrition and Food Safety / L’alimentation
  • Peace and War / La paix et la guerre

    Overarching Essential Questions: 
    • What environmental, political, and social issues propose challenges to societies throughout the world?
    • What are the origins of those issues?
    • What are possible solutions to those challenges?

    • Theme 2: Science and Technology / La science et la technologie

    • Current Research Topics / La recherche et ses nouvelles frontières
    • Discoveries and Inventions / Les découvertes et les inventions
    • Ethical Questions / Les choix moraux
    • Future Technologies / L’avenir de la technologie
    • Intellectual Property / La propriété intellectuelle
    • The New Media / Les nouveaux moyens de communication
    • Social Impact of Technology / La technologie et ses effets sur la société

    Overarching Essential Questions:
    • How do developments in science and technology affect our lives?
    • What factors have driven innovation and discovery in the fields of science and technology?
    • What role does ethics play in scientific advancement?

    Theme 3: Contemporary Life / La vie contemporaine

    • Advertising and Marketing / La publicité et le marketing
    • Education / L’éducation et l’enseignement
    • Holidays and Celebrations / Les fêtes
    • Housing and Shelter / Le logement
    • Leisure and Sports / Les loisirs et le sport
    • Professions / Le monde du travail
    • Rites of Passage / Les rites de passage
    • Travel / Les voyages

    Overarching Essential Questions:
    • How do societies and individuals define quality of life
    • How is contemporary life influenced by cultural products, practices, and perspectives?
    • What are the challenges of contemporary life?

    1. Theme 4: Personal and Public Identities / La quête de soi

    • Alienation and Assimilation / L’aliénation et l’assimilation
    • Beliefs and Values / Les croyances et les systèmes de valeurs
    • Gender and Sexuality / La sexualité
    • Language and Identity / L’identité linguistique
    • Multiculturalism / Le pluriculturalisme
    • Nationalism and Patriotism / Le nationalisme et le patriotisme

    Overarching Essential Questions:
    • How are aspects of identity expressed in various situations?
    • How do language and culture influence identity?
    • How does one’s identity develop over time?

      1. Theme 5: Families and Communities / La famille et la communauté

    • Age and Class / Les rapports sociaux
    • Childhood and Adolescence / L’enfance et l’adolescence
    • Citizenship / La citoyenneté
    • Customs and Ceremonies / Les coutumes
    • Family Structures / La famille
    • Friendship and Love / L’amitié et l’amour

    Overarching Essential Questions:
    • What constitutes a family in different societies?
    • How do individuals contribute to the well-being of communities?
    • How do the roles that families and communities assume differ in societies around the world?

    1. Theme 6: Beauty and Aesthetics / L’esthétique

    • Architecture / L’architecture
    • Contributions to World Artistic Heritage / Le patrimoine
    • Ideals of Beauty / Le beau
    • Literature / Les arts littéraires
    • Music / La musique
    • Performing Arts / Les arts du spectacle
    • Visual Arts / Les arts visuels

    Overarching Essential Questions:
    • How are perceptions of beauty and creativity established?
    • How do ideals of beauty and aesthetics influence daily life?
    • How do the arts both challenge and reflect cultural perspectives?

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