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About Us

Who we are

French Faster is an online French language school registered in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Japan and operating with a global network of teachers. We specialise in teaching French as a Foreign Language (Français Langue Etrangère, FLE). 

When we started

Founded in Singapore in 2005, we originally operated as a brick-and-mortar language school in Bugis before going global in 2008 and teaching all our classes online via Skype. 

Our students

Since 2008, French Faster has been providing online French classes to students based in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia, Russia, North America, and Latin America. We teach students of all ages (kids, teenagers, adults), levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and learning purposes (personal interest, school exams, university entrance, work, business, immigration, etc). 

French Faster as a global French Language School

Operating as an online language school conferred on us some distinct advantages:

  • We are no longer a local but a global company, teaching students from all over the world. 
  • We no longer have to make do with what is available locally; we can hire the best French teachers no matter where they are geographically based. 
  • We save on office rental expenses that we now pass to our students in the form of reduced tuition fees. 
  • Overall, we can offer a better learning experience to students, giving value for money. 

Online Skype lessons as good as the physical classroom experience

We have run both physical and online classes and we are very confident to say that our online Skype lessons are as good as the physical classroom experience. In fact, our online Skype lessons simulate the actual classroom experience. Both the student and the teacher will meet online on skype at an agreed time. Using a webcam and a headset, student and teacher use thr Skype platform with Video, Audio and Chat window (whiteboard) to interact as in a normal class setting. 

A French language school that specialises in Accelerated Learning

We are not just any tuition centre that operate as an agent between teachers and students. We are a very serious French language school with a unique accelerated learning method to help students learn French faster and smarter with less effort. We invest a lot of time and money to hire the best teachers, create the best learning materials and provide the best French learning experience and customer service. 

A big vision, a talented team, and a high-energy culture

French Faster has a big vision, a talented team, and a high-energy culture. We do our job with a lot of passion, commitment and excellence. We are very glad to be of service to the global community of French language learners and teachers. 

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