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Here are some Testimonials from past students who have taken French language tuition from French Faster. They include students in various programs such as: DELF, DALF, TCF, TCFQ, TCF-DAP, TEF, TEFAQ, INSEAD Placement Test, French in lieu of Mother Tongue in Singapore; VCE French exam, IGCSE, GCSE, GCE O Level, etc. 

Nayaz is a kind and patient instructor that is supportive of you regardless of your level of French competency. He provides useful lessons that are directed towards the DELF exam. He is clearly very knowledgeable about the structure and grading of the exam. We worked together for 10 hours of instruction and during that time I felt more confident with my verbal and written skills. I would highly recommend Nayaz as an instructor.

Anusha Mohan (San Francisco, USA)

DELF, Adult, 2017

My son Christon Goh had a wonderful years of learning French under the teaching and supervision of Miss Arshi. Ms Arshi have all the qualities of a good tutor/teacher. She is very well knowledgeable of the subject/language that she is teaching. She is very punctual. Always keep me inform of the lessons to discuss and notes to prints ahead of time. She is understanding, accessible and approachable. Especially during the time that we have to re schedule the class. Even after the session, she will make it a point to talk to my son a bit. It makes the learning experience more fun and less boring for Christon. She is also very patient to my son queries. Thank you is not enough to describe my appreciation to MsArshi. At this time that my son is going to another level.It really feels very sad to end our lessons with her. I will not hesitate to recommend MsArshi to other people who wants to go for French tuition online. Again, Thank You Miss Arshi. I wish all the best to you and French Faster.

Amelita Reyes, Parent of Christon Goh

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Singapore, 2017

I have been doing a good progress in my french language with Monsieur Nayaz. He is a kind person and very good tutor as well. He shows a great deal of respect and understanding during our french lessons. He is always ready to develop/prepare new materials according to my educational needs and helps me arrange my daily courses/lessons in a very flexible manner, which helps me a lot in managing my time although I have frequent business travels.

Amr El Essawy (Saudi Arabia)

French for Adult Learners, Adult, 2017

Ms. Shazia is a wonderful teacher. She interacts well with my kids and makes sure that they don't feel bored during the class. She makes an honest comment on the performance of my kids. She is an asset to French Faster. Keep it up!

Emma Cacayan, Parent of Nadya Emile

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Singapore, 2017

This is the second time I enrolled my daughter for French Lesson under French Faster. The first time, my eldest daughter took lessons in her primary years. This time round my youngest daughter was looking forward to learn French language in lieu of Primary 1 Mother Tongue and we say FrenchFaster did not disappoint us again. Teacher Shireen connected to my shy daughter Charisse easily and looking forward for long term learning to learn French. More power to FrenchFaster!!!

Samuel Padolina, Parent of Charisse Padolina

French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Singapore, 2017 

Ms Shazia is a great experienced teacher. She's very patient and helpful in giving my son Mee Ghel a good understanding of the language. I really appreciate the way she teaches as she explains French pronunciation clearly. I just want to say thank you. My son enjoys his classes and he has a lot of fun during the hours of French conversation.

Rey Fetalvero, Parent of Mee Ghel
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Singapore, 2016
Rozeedah has been teaching my 2 children aged 10 and 8 for 8 weeks now. In that short space of time, the children have learnt a lot from her. She is patient with them,especially my son who struggles to sit still for an hour. Her lessons are interactive and she follows a tight syllabus, where the children are taught not just how to converse in French but also elementary aspects like parts of speech. She engages the children by trying to relate the French she teaches them to their everyday life. I sit in with them for their lessons and even I have learnt a lot from her. We look forward to learning more French from Rozeedah.

Mrs Mary Grosvenor, Parent of Isabella and Ethan Grosvenor
French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Singapore, 2016
I have been dealing with Nadja for about a year and a half for learning French. Nadja makes the French language more interesting for me. I love her nice way to explain things for me with lots of patience. i learned a lot from her as being new in learning French. I highly recommend French Faster to any one who wants to learn French, especially with my teacher Nadja.

Laila (Saudi Arabia)
French for Beginners, Adult, 2016
Magical Anju helped me go from B1 to B2, in TEFAQ Listening exam, within 14 hours!! When I came to French Faster, I had attempted the TEFAQ listening exam already 3 times with the same result: B1. I'm from India, staying in Montreal for the last 3 years and was taking private coaching for French ~6 hours a week. That had helped me to reach from 0 to B1 level within 9 months. 3 days before my 4th scheduled exam, Anju taught me 3 classes of 2h each in the next 2 days. After these 6h, the result was still B1. It was like a frustrating glass ceiling for me. The next exam gave me some more time in between and Anju convinced me for taking another 8h of classes. I also felt like I haven't given French Faster a fair chance with only 6h. I took another 8h package and this time after Anju's numerous grueling listening exercise, I finally achieved "B2". I would like to thank Anju and French Faster from the bottom of my heart, for taking my ship through to the last dreaded mile in the journey.

Sankalp Sachdeva (Montreal, Quebec)
TEF Preparation, September 2016
Ms Anju was a great support to my son Adithya while he was preparing for the French IGCSE exam. Her patience and her friendly nature helped him overcome his reluctance to speak in French. The worksheets and the audio clips she used for practice made him confident and helped him score A* with 95 percentile in the exam.

Reshma Prasad
Parent of Aditya Prasad, IGCSE, Aug 2016