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French Faster is an online French language school.
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TCFQ Comprehension Orale

TCFQ Compréhension Orale is organised into 6 levels corresponding to the 6 levels of proficiency as decided by the Council of Europe for Languages. These levels are A1 (lower beginner), A2 (upper beginner), B1 (lower intermediate), B2 (upper intermediate), C1 (lower advanced) and C2 (upper advanced).  These 6 levels are grouped under 4 sections.

TCFQ Comprehension Orale Audio Samples for Listening Practice

To listen to TCFQ audio samples for listening practice, you can click on the appropriate links below that correspond to your level. 

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  • "You have been a wonderful tutor for me. I want to thank you for all the effort you have put to make me learn French in a easier way. In just 28 hours I feel I know French a lot...."
    Hari Upadhyaya
    French for Adults, Nov 2013
  • "We signed up our daughter with French Faster and we have been very satisfied with how the lessons are going. It is very convenient for us to have the lessons done at home instea..."
    Amy Castillo (Parent)
    French in lieu of Mother Tongue, Sep 2014

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