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CSQ Interview Preparation for Quebec Immigration

Frenchfaster has extensive experience preparing Quebec Skilled Worker Program immigration applicants for their CSQ Interview. 

The Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) is issued by Quebec Immigration authorities (Immigration et Communautés culturelles).

It indicates that the person designated on the certificate has been selected to reside within the territory of the Province of Quebec. .

The CSQ allows you to immigrate to, and settle in Quebec. If your intended destination in Canada is within the province of Quebec, you must obtain a CSQ before you obtain a Permanent Resident Visa.


CSQ Requirement for Quebec

Quebec is responsible for selecting immigrants to settle within the province. In order to immigrate to Quebec, you must first obtain a Cértificat du Sélection du Québec (Quebec Selection Certificate, commonly known as a CSQ).

It is important to note that a CSQ is not a Permanent Residence Visa. Once you submit an application for a CSQ, your qualifications are assessed at the provincial level, and once you receive approval at the provincial level (your CSQ) your application is submitted at the federal level for medical and security checks.

You receive your Permanent Residence Visa after being approved at the federal level.


CSQ Interview

Quebec is a culturally distinct province, and the only fully francophone province in Canada. Your chances of being selected by Quebec depend on your ability and willingness to settle and work in the province and adapt to the daily life. This is what the CSQ interview seeks to find out.

During the CSQ Interview, the interviewer wants to determine if:

  • you speak enough French language to get by in Quebec
  • your know enough about Canada and Quebec
  • you understand Canadian values and you can adapt to life in Quebec
  • you have a realistic idea of your job options in Quebec
  • you have considered other immigration options such as Australia and the US

Note that you can be granted a CSQ Interview although you don't speak any French since selection is on a points-based assessment. To show your willingness to settle down in the Quebec province, we recommend that you or your spouse (or common-law partner) learn some French before that fateful CSQ interview.


CSQ Interview Preparation by Frenchfaster

Frenchfaster has prepared many Quebec Skilled Worker Program immigration applicants  for their CSQ interview.

We run online one-to-one workshops delivered online through Skype to prepare interviewees to answer potential questions from the Quebec immigration officer.

We have compiled a whole bank of frequently asked questions at the CSQ Interview. We also give you sample answers based on your level of French, so that you can sound natural and more convincing when you speak. Or at least give the impression that you are making some effort to learn French.


CSQ Interview Workshop Fees

3-hour workshop: US$100

  • Can be done as a 3-hour course or 2 x 1.5h courses
  • Suitable for those at an A2 level ( upper beginner) in French.
  • Prepares you to talk about yourself, your family, your job, your colleagues, your place of work, your choice of Canada and Quebec
  • Gives you useful information about Canada and Quebec in general
  • Teaches you how to have a two-way dialogue with the interviewer and show him that you have done all your research and you are ready for the challenge.


 10-hour workshop: US$300

  • Can be done as 5 x 2h courses
  • Suitable for those who are of A1 level or with zero knowledge of French
  • Teaches you French pronunciation, and basic grammar, common vocabulary and short sentences
  • Prepares you to talk about yourself, your family, your job, your colleagues, your place of work, your choice of Canada and Quebec
  • Gives you useful information about Canada and Quebec to show the interviewer that you have done all necessary research and you are not taking a blind leap of faith.




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