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French Faster

Learn French Online: from 12 euros/hour

CSQ Interview for Quebec Immigration: Online Preparation

French Faster has a lot of experience preparing Quebec Skilled Worker Program immigration applicants for their CSQ Interview (Quebec Selection Certificate). 

We run online one-to-one workshops delivered online through Skype to prepare interviewees to answer potential questions from the Quebec immigration officer. We have compiled a whole bank of frequently asked questions at the CSQ Interview. We also give you sample answers based on your level of French, so that you can sound natural and more convincing when you speak. Or at least give the impression that you are making some effort to learn French.

Online class with a private tutor via Skype

  • The program is delivered online with a private tutor. It is not pre-recorded video lessons. 
  • You can interact with your teacher as in face-to-face.
  • To take this lesson, you need: Computer,  good Internet connection, microphone, speaker, webcam. 
  • The lesson is delivered through Skype (a video-chat program similar to Yahoo Messenger or Gtalk). 
  • Skype is free and easy to install and use. To download Skype:
  • We can assist you if you don't know how to set up Skype. 
  • For more details on our online classes, refer to How it Works

Class days, time and duration

  • The duration of each lesson is as per your preference. It can last for 1h, 1.5h, 2h, 2.5h or 3h.
  • You can also decide how many times in a week you wish to have classes. 
  • You can decide your preferred days and time for the classes as well. 
  • Let us know your preferred schedule and we'll assign you to one of our teachers. 
  • We teach from Mon-Sun, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Accelerated Learning Method

We guarantee you will learn French 3~4 times faster through our Accelerated Learning method. 

Our Accelerated Learning method is based on 3 main principles:

  • Constructivism (we build on what you already know, e.g. English)
  • Participative Learning (you are an active agent in the learning process; we adapt to your learning style).
  • Memorisation Techniques (mnemonics, sound association, etc)

See an example of how to learn French fast, easy and fun way.

Our French teachers

  • Our French teachers are qualified native French speakers who bilingual in French and English. 
  • Our French teachers have good experience teaching French as a French language to children and adults. 
  • Our French teachers are well trained to teach using our Accelerated Learning method for faster progress. 

Break time

  • Our teacher is entitled to a 5 min break after every 55 min of classes.
  • Actual duration of class minus break time: 1h (55 min) | 1.5h (1h25) | 2h (1h50) | 3h (2h45)

Learning materials

  • We send you the learning materials (pdf documents) before the lesson. 
  • You will need to download and print out the lesson sheets.  
  • The lessons are specifically designed for online learning.  

Terms and Conditions

For details of our Terms and Conditions of service, refer to Terms

Course fees

You can view our various packages under Fees

Free Trial Lesson

  • You can sign up for our free trial lesson (25 minutes). 
  • This is delivered as a private lesson with the teacher online.   
  • We need a minimum 2-3 days advance notice. 

To book a free trial lesson, please use our Contact Form

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Student Review

I am extremely happy to submit this testimonial. I am an applicant for Canadian immigration under Quebec Skilled Worker category. Learning French is mandatory requirement to successfully immigrate and integrate in Quebec. I was short listed for a selection interview with a Quebec immigration counsellor in January 2015. Interview would be in French and I need to answer in complex sentences. 

Initially I joined with a local French class and it was not helping, always I had difficulty with French pronunciations, and it was really confusing. So I decided to quit the class only after 5 classes even I had paid for complete beginner course. 

Then I joined with French Faster on end of March, and Ms. Anju was my assigned French tutor. No words fit explain her inborn talent to teach - she is awesome, very punctual, motivating and supportive. 

The very first day she identified my weakness and started with very basics. She is really patient as she helped to correct my thick south Indian accent and put all the best effort to fulfill my dream. She prepared me to this interview within very short period (2.5 months) 2 days back I attended the Quebec selection interview and successfully competed interview and received selection letter (CSQ) on the site. 

I am very thankful to Ms. Anju and French Faster for this great role in my success. So highly recommend Ms. Anju and Frenchfaster for those who are preparing for CSQ interview and with urge to learn French shorter period. Thank you once again.

Joby Samuel, Dubai, UAE

May 2015