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French Faster

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Frenchfaster Egypt: Learn French in Egypt

Frenchfaster Egypt is a French language school providing French courses to students who want to learn French in various cities throughout Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria, etc.

All our French classes in Egypt are delivered as an online Skype lesson with a private tutor. You are taught by a live tutor in real time, not through pre-recorded French lessons.

The lesson day/time is mutually agreed between teacher and student who then meet online on Skype at the scheduled time for the class.

You can join a private tuition or a group class.

Our professional French tutors use video, audio and chat functions to simulate and enhance a real-life classroom learning experience.

We send you Lesson Notes (in email attachments) before the class. These notes are meticulously designed for online learning via Skype.


Our French Courses in Egypt

Frenchfaster provides a range of French courses in Egypt to suit the needs of every student of the French language.

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  • "When my daughter started P1 last year, she took French as Mother Tongue as it is the language we speak at home. We decided to enrol her for French courses and we chose E-learnin..."
    Stephanie T.
    French for Kids/French in lieu of MT, Singapore, 2014
  • "Learning French is a dream for me since childhood but was not that brave to take the first step till I was introduced to French faster. Being a doctor, working in an busy instit..."
    Ashwag (Saudi Arabia)
    Doctor moving to France

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