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Interesting facts about France: Economy

  1. 1. World leader in luxury goods

France is the world's leader in luxury goods, including haute couture, perfumes and cosmetics.

2. Top producer of wine and liquors

France is the world's first producer of wine and liquors.

3. World's second top producer of nuclear electricity

France is the first producer of nuclear electricity in Europe and second producer in the world after the United States. France produces as much nuclear electricity as Germany, the UK, Spain and Russia combined !

4. Third highest GDP (PPP) per capita per hour in the world

France has the third highest GDP (PPP) per capita per hour in the world, after Norway and Luxembourg, with an average of US$ 38.16 per hour.

5. World leader in commercial space launch

The France-based Arianespace is the world leader in commercial space launch, with over 50% of the global market for launching satellites.

6. CDG as Europe's busiest airports by cargo traffic

Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Paris is Europe's busiest airports by cargo traffic (6th in the world).

7. BIC as world's first mass manufacturer of ball-point pens

The Société Bic was the world's first mass manufacturer of ball-point pens. It sold its 100,000 millionth ball pen in 2005. 

8. Largest and most advanced passenger cruise ship

The largest and most advanced passenger cruise ship, the Queen Mary 2, was built in France in 2004.

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