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French Faster provides DALF C2 Preparation online course with a native French tutor from €18/hour. Our classes, courses, lessons are delivered via Skype. Try it FREE. The DALF C2 French Exam is administered by the CIEP (Centre International d'Études Pédagogiques) on behalf of the French Ministry of Education. The C2 level of proficiency corresponds to an upper advanced level (mastery level) in French. 

Although it does not involve exactly the same degree of competence as the native speaker, the C2 level is academically exacting, requiring abilities of a very high standard.

DALF C2 Exam Components

DALF C2 Exam Format

Nature des épreuves
 Note sur

Compréhension et Production Orales
Epreuve en 3 parties:

- Compte rendu d'un document sonore (2 écoutes)

- Développement personnel à partir de la problématique exposée dans le document.

- Débat avec le jury

2 domaines au choix du candidat: lettres et sciences humaines, sciences

 0 h 30


1h après les 2 écoutes

  / 50
Compréhension et Production Écrites
Production d'un texte structuré (article, editorial, rapport, discours...) à partir d'un dossier des documents d'environ 2000 mots.
 3 h 30
 / 50

Total pass mark = 50/100

Minimum pass mark per test = 10/50 

DALF C2 Past Exam Papers

Download French DALF C2 Past Exam Paper Sample 1

Download French DALF C2 Past Exam Paper Sample 2

DALF C2 Preparation Course Online

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DALF C2 Syllabus

Themes or Vocabulary Topics for DALF C2

DALF C2 Exam Tips

DALF C2 Past Exam Papers

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